Beauty Review: FinelyCup lingerie from Fablife

Do you know that more than 75% of the women in the world are wearing bra wrongly? To be honest, I never know about it till I get to know Alice from Fablife Style and went for their bra fitting and consultation.

As I love to wear tube top and sleeveless, half my life, I have been wearing half cup bra. Though I am not fat but I noticed that I have SIDE BOOBS as well as back fats!
During my consultation with Alice at Fablife’s Southbank flagship store, I got to find out that wearing the wrong bra is the reason why I am having a serious case of side boobs. OMG. you can’t imagine how shocked I was.
Alice explained to me the importance of wearing the correct bra. Wearing the correct bra and bra size will only not help to shape our figure, it will also help to correct our body posture, prevent back pain as well as side boobs. In my case, it is all about pushing the side boobs and back fats right back to where they belong!
After getting to know more about my lifestyle and such, we proceed to bra fitting. Of course, I got to remove my clothes for Alice to get an accurate measurement. However, I do not feel uncomfortable during the how process as Alice was very professional and she made me felt at ease even though it was my first time meeting her.
As I wanted to prevent my breast from sagging and to give it more push up so I have been wearing underwire bra most of the times. Sometimes it will sit rather uncomfortable on my ribs and I will suffer from red marks and even breast pain after removing it. Yes, this is a typical case of wearing a wrong bra. A good bra should feel like your second skin while protecting our woman’s modesty, improve breast shape and breast fat position, giving you the support as well as to look sexy with that sexy cleavage.
The lingerie that Fablife has brought in are actually from a brand named Finely Cup. Established in Hongkong, FinelyCup creates stylish and breathable lingerie sewn with quality imported Italian materials such as Pearl fabric material that promotes blood circulation as well as invisible memory padding to provide superior support and hours of comfort. The lingerie at FinelyCup are designed without underwires and contains no formaldehyde!
During the fitting, I noticed that I actually have more cleavage than when I am wearing underwired bra. The best part was it was really comfortable and even with all the laces, I do not feel prickly. May I add that I am a fan of lace but more than often it is not very comfortable. Alice also taught me the proper way to wear a bra by pushing the “excess” fats from my back all the wy to the underarm back into the cups as well as the 2 fingers rules so that the bra will not be too tight and suffocate our breasts (this applies to all the bras, not just from FinelyCup. To be honest, I have been doing this but it is my first time seeing how a wireless bra can do so much. I kid you not, I have since recommended a couple of friends to Fablife for the bra fitting and consultation. ALL of them came back telling me how impressed they are. Of which, one of them with a smaller assets exclaimed that she has never knew that she has cleavage while the other with a heavier assets feel that the bra are so comfortable that she doesn’t feel so heavy in front now. lol
If you are one of those who love matching undies, the good news is Fablife only sells their lingerie in a set. But mind you, the price point is only $86 to $128. So it is still very affordable for a good set of lingerie to comfort, support and contouring without harmful, toxic chemicals.
fablife finely cup-14
I have been wearing FinelyCup for at least 3 times per week for about 8 hours per day and I can really see the improvement in my body posture as well sides boobs reducing! Fashion is one thing but if we don’t take care of our body, who will right? Hence, I have made my choice to wear less sleeveless as I really don’t want to have saggy breasts or unsightly lumps of fats. Oh yes, did I also mentioned that I love how I don’t need to worry about my bras are not being “squashed” in my luggage or get out of shape whenever I travel now. FinelyCup’s wireless bra is really the next best thing ever and with its memory foam, the bra would roll back into its original shape when I unpack!!!
FAblife Lovethyself-6
I kid you not, choosing Fablife’s FinelyCup lingerie is one of my best decision in 2019. As we move on to the end of the year, why not reward yourself with a new set of lingerie? If you are looking for body shapers, they have a good range that don’t break your bank too.

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