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Fat Lulu’s, Yay or Nay?

When Five & Dime ceased their business, I was very surprised and have even booked a table with my ex-colleagues to have their food for one last time. Shortly after that, Fat Lulu’s is opened at the same location. Filled with anticipation and excitement, I went down to Fat Lulu’s on the first week of its opening as I have heard that it is the new restaurant from the founders of Five & Dime. To be frank, I left feeling both hungry and disappointed. The concept of the food was messy and certainly nowhere near its former precedent. Stay with me as I share more.
fat lulu-2
Fast forward, few months down the road, I have heard constant good reviews from my fellow foodie friends. Hence, I have decided to pay them a visit again. As I walked into the restaurant, I realised that some minor renovation has been done. 
fat lulu-3
No longer will we see the glass window at the side and the restaurant has been pushed in. It is now more compacted (38 seater) with a beautiful pouch in front of the restaurant. Seriously welcome that as it is a good spot for OOTD. Oppsss narcissism strikes again!
fat lulu-8
We started with Burnt Corn ($11), a sweet bio-corn from Cameron Highlands were grilled to slightly charred and rubbed with lemon and salt, garnished with oregano and served with a house made smoked sour cream.
fat lulu-7
Don’t miss the Roasted Potatoes and Mushrooms ($12) which was rendered in lamb fat and served with roasted hoshimeji mushrooms, kale and lamb jus. Take the risk to try this dish and you will be awarded with one of the most delicious rendition of a potato dish ever.
fat lulu-6
Next up, we have Sataytay ($12) where Iberico pork collar was marinated for one full day in homemade sambal, kicap manis and kosher salt. Simply imagine your most favourite satay but a more tender version with a spicy kick at the back, this is your sataytay!
fat lulu-17
fat lulu-13
fat lulu-15
fat lulu-20
Carnivores will be elated to find a selection of meat offering on the menu such as the Ikan Bakar ($28), Grilled Mangalicia Pork Collar ($24), Duh Meat Board ($28) and Spicy BBQ Full Rack Pork Ribs ($28). While my dining partners were happy with Spicy BBQ Full Rack Pork Ribs which was really packed with a punch, I was in love with the Grilled Mangalicia Pork Collar. It was so succulent and I like the lingering smokiness.
fat lulu-28
fat lulu-31
Don’t forget to save some space for desserts. Warm Banana Bread & Friends ($14) and Childhood ($16) prepared by Chef Song. He was the one who handles the dessert department at Fat Lulu’s. Using different technique and liquid nitrogen, the desserts were both instagrammable and delectable. My dining partners were so happy that we finished the food despite being really full.
fat lulu-12
To be frank, I was very impressed with the savoury part of the menu which was prepared by Chef Sam. His motto of #SpiceisNaise and #NoBurnNoTaste was totally reflected on the menu and in a good way. I was so glad that I made my way down to try the food again. I would definitely be back again as they are also serving brunch on the weekends. Fat Lulu’s is definitely on my list to recommend to anyone who likes spicy food and is also looking to order several dishes to share with friends.

Fat Lulu’s Asian BBQ & Desserts
297 River Valley Road Singapore 238338
Tel: +65 9236 5002
Operating Hours:
Dinner Sundays, Tuesdays -Thursdays: 6pm – 11pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 6pm till late
Brunch Saturdays – Sundays: 11am – 4pm
Closed on Mondays

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