Is ErgoTune’s NEW Supreme Ergonomic Chair worth buying?

As a blogger, I spend a good amount of time on my office chair to edit pictures and to churn out articles. Which is why I have been looking around for the best Ergonomic Chair that I can find in Singapore. I thought that a good office chair, to be exact a good ergonomic chair, is very important and worth the investment. As it could improve my quality of life, it can save me from unwanted health issues such as neck pain, backache, and even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome aka median nerve compression.
Hence, I am very excited to share with you more about ErgoTune Supreme (, an ergonomic office chair! First things first, what makes a good ergonomic office chair? I feel that one of the most important features of a good office chair is that it MUST be breathable and it can be highly adjustable to make sure that I can maintain a proper sitting posture even after sitting the whole day.
Hence, I am glad that the ErgoTune Supreme has 11 different points of adjustment which includes: the flexibility to adjust the seat pan back and forth, a height-adjustable backrest, and lumbar support called ATLAS (Auto-Tuning Lumbar Area Support). I am particularly happy that I can calibrate the headrest according to my preferred height, depth, and even tilt up to 60°. This is perfect especially when I just want to take a short break from work in my chair. The headrest allows me to catch 40 winks before getting back to where I stopped at.
Oh yes, not forgetting other adjustable points such as the armrest, that is height adjustable and rotatable, and essential seat height adjustment which is powered by class IV hydraulics. With all these controls, imagine my joy of playing with the ErgoTune Supreme. Basically you can turn it left, right, up and down like a transformer. So, no matter whether you are 150cm or 1.9m tall, 45kg or 150kg you can basically customise the chair accordingly to your shape. Best of all, the chair will always take your weight and let you continue your work or gaming session in comfort.
Before you start thinking that the seat material could be inexpensive, allow me to share with you more about ErgoTune’s DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh. This is an improved material made using fabric and polyester with a golden ratio of 2:1. Yes, it is made in Germany with the focus on better breathability and durability, so you can sit for long hours without getting your skin sticking onto the chair or feeling abrasive, itchy, or sensitive unlike leather chair or other fabric chair. On top of that, ErgoTune is giving a good TWELVE (12) years warranty. Essentially, you are paying $49.91 every year for this beautifully built and comfortable chair that can double up as a gaming chair as well as a work chair for you to sit over long hours!
Some of the most important things when shopping for a good ergonomic chair is also whether the seat depth of the chair can be adjusted and if the backrest is height-adjustable according to each individual height. I like that my lower back can fully supported no matter how far back I recline (up to angle of recline across 136°) and ErgoTune Supreme Ergonomic Chair will move in sync with me, courtesy of it’s Synchro Tilt Mechanism. Not forgetting to mention how it allows to always be sitting straight with my hips, knees, and ankles comfortably stay at 90 degrees, the perfect angle advised by doctors and chiropractors when getting a chair.
After using it for a while, I realised that my posture has improved, and I have said goodbye to that terrible backache which I would suffer from after sitting too long. So, would I recommend ErgoTune Supreme? Definitely! You can now get yours online or walk into the showroom to experience it yourself.

110 Lor 23 Geylang, #07-09 Victory Centre, Singapore 388410
Showroom Operating Hours: 11am to 8pm (Mon-Fri)
Tel: +65 3138 4355
Instagram: @ergotunechair
Facebook: ergotunechair


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