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Although I have combination dry and sensitive skin, there are some days of the month that I have a pimple or two which is totally annoying as who doesn’t like to have a clear complexion, isn’t it? When I heard about Dr Mind, a leading skincare brand from South Korea which is known for providing targeted treatment for skin concerns like acne and pore problems, I have decided to give some of the brand’s bestselling products such as the AC Clear Cushion, AC Peeling Pad and APOT Red Mask a try.
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Exfoliation aka the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of our skin is definitely one of the most important aspects of my skincare routine. Exfoliation not only helps to unclog pores from excess oil and dirt, it encourages skin renewal, improves the texture of the skin and allows for better absorption of the skincare products that you are using. Having said that, one must not over-exfoliate as too much of anything is not good. So I try to do an exfoliation at home twice a week. Before I start using Dr Mind AC Peeling Pad, I was skeptical as most products that are targeted to reduce pimple or ance problems tend to have this very drying effect on my skin. However, Dr Mind AC Peeling Pad surprised me.
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Unlike anything that I have used before, my skin remains supple after using Dr Mind AC Peeling Pad with my pimples reduced the next day! What sorcery is this right?
Something unique about Dr Mind AC Peeling Pad is that each of them are double-sided. Formulated with AHA and BHA, the embossed side helps to exfoliate away the dead skin cells, the soft side of the pad helps to soothe and moisturise the skin.
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For those who know me or follow me on instagram stories, would know that I love to do mask and I am a huge believer that regular usage of mask could help to improve our complexion. What I really like about Dr.MIND APOT Red Mask is that it is one of those sheet mask that fits nicely onto my face, the serum is light weighted and does not feel sticky after using. Infused with tea tree leaf extract, Anti Sebum P and trehalose, Dr.MIND APOT Red Mask not only helps to soothe skin, it restores the oil and moisture balance in skin! Best of all, it is suitable for sensitive skin as well!
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When I first saw a video online on how good the coverage is for Dr.MIND AC Clear Cushion to cover up the redness on stressed skin, uneven skin tone and skin dullness, I told myself that I must try this! This foundation cushion comes in 2 shades – #21 Cover Light and #23 Cover Beige with SPF47 PA++. As it is enriched with tea tree extract to soothe skin, I could smell the tea tree oil once I open this foundation cushion. The coverage was awesome and it covers my spots and skin concerns perfectly! Besides having UV Protection (SPF47 PA++), it has whitening and anti-Wrinkle properties as well. Best of all, the red puff for applying the cushion has passed through the antimicrobial test in Korea! Dr.MIND AC Clear Cushion is definitely the cushion that I would reach out to on my “bad skin” days.
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You can now get your hands on these awesome products as well on ARESA Beaut√©, an online shopping portal which aims to make 100% authentic Korean beauty products available to everyone! The last time I check, they are having sale and the prices are lower than some other online shopping sites. Oh yes, you can also get them at SASA as well. Don’t say I didn’t share. =)

P.S: The above views are shared based on my personal experiences, no monetary compensation was received.

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