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I love my job. Not all that glitters is gold. I have irregular working hours which meant my biological clock do not accord me the rhythmic rest for my skin. I also fly a lot, both for work and leisure. At that altitude, plane cabin conditions can be harsh and dry. Other times being an avid outdoor sports person meant I am constantly exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays.

Despite using sun screeners and moisturiser as much as possible, I believe that my skin is pretty damaged and in desperate need of some repair. It was timely when I pick up Dekke Hud’s beauty regime, which comes with a tube of 100 grams of Anytime multi purpose cleansing gel and a box of the following –
All day oil control mask X 3
Skin revitalisation mask X 3
All day moisturising mask X 3
Products from the San Francisco based brand were all formulated in Japan and manufactured in Taiwan, famed for their accessible and popular beauty products with the likes of Dr Wu, Neogence and For Beloved One, though often overshadowed by cheaper mass produced Korean alternatives. As a result I am more than confident to give it a go.
The versatile Anytime cleansing gel was white and dense like toothpaste. It had a potent smell of botanico ginseng, much like the toiletries used in the Shilla. I really find both the smell and texture very pleasant. On Day 1 after washing my face with the gel, I immediately felt my skin firmed up with a thin protective layer of moisture formed around it, not dry nor stretched.
Following the instructions on the packaging, I unpacked the Skin revitalisation mask. The mask was probably the thickest I have ever seen, sandwiched between not one but two protective mesh. Each piece must has been equivalent to one or two layers of regular face masks. Packed with hydrating compound, I meticulously placed the thick mask on my cleansed skin for 15 minutes before going to bed. Made using Bio Cellulose, the mask contoured around my face nicely and does not dry up as fast as those paper mask. Like all other masks, my skin became visibly radiant right after its removal, so I will have to do this for an extended period of time before I can reach a verdict. I applied some moisturiser and eye cream before sleeping and awaited Day 3 to arrive.
On Day 3, I used the All day oil control mask. Same steps, same routine and same hydrating skin, though slightly puffier this time.
On Day 5 I dutifully used ALL Day Moisturizing Mask . I don’t think I can tell the varied effects between the three kinds of mask. The difference is probably subtle though they have all fulfilled their function in revitalising my facial skin through the rich, moisturising serum. At Day 7, compared to Day 1, my skin condition had improved visibly- not sheen clear but zit free enough to call for celebration. I believe that a large part of it was attributed to the tried-and-tested formula of Dekke Hud. Of course I also cannot discount the fact that I had religiously done my bit by taking ample rest, staying hydrated and keeping my face constantly moisturised throughout this time.
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The above article is written by @ramenking2017. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

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