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Dazzleslim黛若詩琳 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask

If you have been following me on instagram stories, you would have realised that I love to do mask and I am always looking for new mask to try, especially those that have been raved by many people. When I first saw a beauty video on a popular Facebook page (ETtoday星光雲) reviewing this Taiwanese mask, Dazzleslim 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask (2HR 超微米毛孔潔淨清潔面膜), which needed to be put on for 2 hours and was constantly sold out in Taiwan. I was intrigued by how it is said to be able to cleanse, moisturise, brighten, refine the skin and tighten the pores. Hence, out of curiosity and the pursue of better skin, I have contacted the distributor in Taiwan to find out more about the mask before my Taiwan trip in Jan,.
However due to the uncertainty of our itinerary, I missed the chance to order this mask during my Taiwan trip.
But but but. . .Guess what? Life has a beautiful way of bring what you desired to you if you think of it often enough! Dazzleslim 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask is now available on SHOPEE and we can now get it without even flying to Taiwan!
The delivery was done swiftly and I have received the mask via SingPost Smartpac within a few days from my order. What I really like about the delivery parcel is it was carefully bubble-wrapped and the box still arrived as good as new rather than to be smashed or squashed.
Dazzleslim 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask comes in a box of 4 pieces (30ml x 4) of masks. Pardon my no makeup look and my skin was not also not in the best condition due to my recent laziness to take care of them properly. lol
Although this mask is supposed to be suitable for all skin types, I was a tad worried as I have relatively sensitive akin. When I took out the mask from the packaging, it was sandwiched between 2 thin layers of guages and it has a texture similar to those bio-cellulose mask but slightly thinner. Some of the ingredients include Marine Collagen, Mandelic Acid, Blueberry Extract, Ficus Carica Fruit Extract, Ceremides, Centella Asiatica Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Chamomile Extract, Yeast Extract, Licorice Extract, Burdock Extract, Natto Extract, Camellia Extract, Red Pomegranate Extract, Aloe Extract…etc
To be honest, I am quite surprised when I put on the mask. It fitted onto my face like a second skin and my sensitive skin did not reacted to it.
Unlike some masks that I needed to lie on my bed (which I think I will die of boredom if it was a 2 hours affair), Dazzleslim 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask does not have excess serum dripping down my mask and it allowed me to drink my coffee, work on my laptop and even do some crunches.
After 2 hours, Dazzleslim 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask dried up on my face like a rice paper which gave a tightening sensation. I was rather excited to see the result. Before removing the mask, I sprayed some water lightly onto the mas. I have also followed the instructions to soak the mask for 1 min in water after removal.
While I have religiously cleanse my face and go for facial on a regular basis, I was both amazed and shocked the deep cleansing effect of the mask after soaking the mask in water. Gosh, my face is definitely full of dirt and oil!

However, I love the effect that the mask was giving me. As you can see from this short video which I have taken with no filter except for the bling bling effect, only did my skin feel tighter, my pores have became smaller and it was basically glowing! Will I use this mask again? I think this is going to be my favorite weekly mask to go to from now on to keep my skin in great condition at all times. Oh yes, did I mentioned that my makeup lasted longer and my face was more hydrated after using Dazzleslim 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask.
You can now get your mask from SHOPEE without flying to Taiwan. Have you try Dazzleslim 2HR Ultra-Micron Cleansing Mask? DO share with me on your thoughts.


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