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Crystal Jade Prestige New Menu

It is always a pleasure to return to Crystal Jade Prestige or any of the Crystal Jade outlets since the LVMH-linked restaurant chain is always keeping up to date with the latest culinary trend and development. Recently, we revisited and tried out some of Prestige’s newest creations.

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With Singapore patisserie chef Janice Wong successfully unveiling her first flagship in Singapore and her unique bright coloured dim sums gaining immense popularity, it is not surprising if this next dish did borrow some inspiration from her.
The Prestige Signature dim sum platter 翡翠荟精选点心四拼 ($10.80/4 items) comprises the following- Prawn & carrot dumpling with black truffle 黑崧露三色虾饺, Assorted mushroom dumpling 金色蒸菌饺, Osmanthus dumpling with prawn and celery 桂花玉带饺, and Water chestnut dumpling with olive and parsley 马蹄香芹八宝袋.
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Each of this dim sum items not only took on a different colour, but they also took on a bolder execution than our usual fare, especially with the Osmanthus dumpling with prawn and celery. One whole succulent shrimp is wrapped alongside celery and dried osmanthus flower within a translucent skin infused with osmanthus. The dim sum item emanates a faint floral scent and gives the entire composition more depth.
For the unfamiliar, osmanthus is a flavour more associated with sweet Chinese wines or Chinese desserts. Hence using them as a complement to savoury dishes gives a whole new interpretation of its functionality in Chinese cuisine.
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I also enjoyed the Japanese style Chilled organic tomatoes with sesame sauce 胡麻酱串有机番茄 ($10.80). Prima Facie it looks just like any other tomatoes, except that each of this tomato has been hollowed and injected with a concoction of sesame sauce and crispy croutons. With each bite, the tangy tomato bursts into juice and mix well with the viscous piquant sesame sauce, not long before the crunchy crouton lends a solid texture, prompting you to pop in another. It was addictive and brilliant both in its presentation and taste.
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Duck lovers would be delighted to try either the new Classic Pipa duck 经典琵琶鸭 or Prestige Pipa duck 翡翠南乳琵琶鸭 ($18/reg, $28/half, $48/whole -same price for both). Preparing the ducks is an cumbersome process. First wedged between two bamboo devices designed to let the flavours from the 10 hour homemade spice blend marinate penetrate the duck, the duck then goes through several rounds of blanching and golden maltose caramelising before air drying for another 10 hours to achieve its ideal crisp texture. 
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The Prestige version is brushed with an additional coat of fermented beancurd sauce before roasting, and hence it is way more savoury than the classic version. Torn between choices? Both variations are available as a combo platter in Best of both worlds 鸳鸯琵琶鸭 ($48/whole).
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The next dish, the Roasted lamb rack with red wine & black pepper 红酒黑椒焗羊架 ($19) is a specialty originating from Crystal Jade Golden Palace which has recently won a coveted Michelin star in the inaugural Singapore guide. The meat was tender and well masked with black pepper, void of the usual pungency coming from mutton. 
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The Thai-Cantonese cooking of Stir-fried assorted mushrooms with basil in claypot 九层塔烧汁炒什菌煲 ($22/small, $33/medium, $44/large) is undoubtedly my favourite dish. Mushrooms like the portobello and the oyster mushrooms are stir fried with a huge bundle of fresh basil over heavy fire, in a thick dark gravy resembling oyster sauce. The result is a pool of fragrant and appetising mushrooms. All I need is just rice and some chilli, and I can easily devour the whole claypot by myself.
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I can go on raving about the Crispy noodle with seafood in superior sauce 金汤海鲜香脆面 ($12/portion). I like how the deep fried thin noodles were neatly shaped in a mound. They were also nicely fried which meant they remain as crispy as they can possibly get. The thick silky stock made from an unrevealed secret recipe also packs a lot of punch. Breaking the noodles in the stock, I felt real bliss. It was a match made in heaven. Full marks for both presentation and taste once again!
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Both the desserts we had were equally excellent though I had a slight yearning for the Coconut jelly with fresh milk in coconut 椰皇鲜奶冻 ($8.80). This refreshing and soothing chilled milk soup with thin coconut jelly is much like the pricier birdnest soup with its similar soup base and taste. Quite a delicious and budget alternative. 
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The Steamed pandan bun with green tea custard 绿茶蒸香兰包 ($6.80/ portion of 4) is easily a crowd favourite and it has won hearts including mine by combining three of the most popular ingredients Singaporeans love; pandan, green tea powder and salted egg yolk. Good quality matcha (which meant they tend to have a more bitter profile) are blended with salted egg yolk and sugar before the filling is encased in a Bao infused with pandan and steamed.
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Piping hot like our molten Liu-Sha-Bao lava, this one goes one step further with its on point balance of light fragrant-bitter sweet-savoury potent combination. I see this as the improvised version 2.0.
Maybe it is time to plan for a visit as I am concluding this post.

The above article is written by Guest Writer @ramenking2016. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

Crystal Jade Prestige
8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre (Ground Floor) #02-01 Singapore 018984
Tel: +65 6509 9493
Lunch: 11:15am to 3pm – Monday to Friday
10:00am to 3:30pm – Saturday, Sunday, PH
Dinner: 6:00pm to 10:30pm – Daily

Jadeite members and DBS/POSB card members enjoy a complimentary Prestige Pipa duck with Fermented Beancurd Sauce (regular portion) with every two Signature Weekend Brunch.

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