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CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment at Astute medical aesthetics and laser clinic

I have been receiving compliments on how my skin is glowing and looking radiant recently. Yes, I do mask almost on a daily basis but I think it is the CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment that I did at Astute medical aesthetics and laser clinic with Dr.Sankeerth Reddy that helps me with a more perfect skin.
Like everyone else, I have been fighting issues such as fine lines and signs of pigmentation as I age. This kinda scared the hell out of me as I see my skin deteriorating everyday. Hence, I have decided to pay Dr.Sankeerth Reddy at Astute Aesthetics Laser Clinic a visit as I have read about how he has helped other ladies to improve their skin quality.
While we can’t turn back the clock but if we can shave a few years off our appearance isn’t that a good thing? I have expressed my concerns to Dr.Sankeerth Reddy and he advised a course of 5 CO2 Fractional Laser treatments with an interval of at least 2 weeks apart from each treatment.
So what is CO2 Fractional Laser?
It is actually a skin resurfacing procedure that is performed by delivering high energy in the form of microscopic heat in a very short span of time to allow deep ablation of the skin while minimising damage to the outer layer. By doing so, the skin is rejuvenated and collagen production is being stimulated. This treatment is great to smooth out old acne scars, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and minimising pore size! Yes, patient will also experience a more even skin tone. This treatment is suitable for people with acne scars, uneven skin texture, large pores and fine lines.
After my face was removed of every traces of makeup, numbing cream was applied and left on for at least 30 minutes before we start the CO2 Fractional Laser treatment.
How does the CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment feels like?
To be honest, I can hardly feel a thing (P.S: I have crazy high pain endurance level) during the CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment as the numbing cream has taken away most of how I was feeling and there was also a strong stream of cold air following the area that the high energy was performed. But there are many people who feel that there are needle prickling pain during the treatment.
But as the CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment came to an end, I started to feel as if my face is suffering from a severe sunburn. But I was told by Dr.Sankeerth Reddy before the treatment that this is going to be how I will be feeling as the skin is perforated by laser with heaps of small dots forming like a graph paper on my face. Immediately after my procedure, there are redness and swelling.
After my CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment, an cold aloe vera mask was applied onto my face coupled with the Light Therapy to help my skin to heal faster as well as to reduce any redness.
Although I know that the downtime might take up to 10 days, I have requested for a lesser downtime. Yes, CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment can be customised. With deeper treatment (aka more optimal result), more healing and downtime is expected. On my last treatment, I wanted less downtime as I have a few events on the days to follow. Thus, Dr.Sankeerth Reddy helped me with a treatments that is not deep so I can avoid a lot of downtime. As you can see from the pictures, my skin looked red and raw on the first day. But subsequently, it became smoother and more radiant after the skin peeled off. Did I mentioned that I didn’t edit the pictures so that you can have a clearer view of the whole process?
Is CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment effective?
I feel that after 4 treatments, I can already see a good result from the treatment which include my chicken pox scar disappearing and smaller pores. On top of that, my fine lines on my forehead are no longer as visible and skin is also more radiant with lesser pigmentation! This is very important for me as I know that with aging, our skin texture is no longer like when we were young. Our pores lose its elasticity and that’s why our skin is no longer as supple and firm with good friends like fine lines and wrinkles catching up with us.
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To be honest, I feel that CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment is a very effective skin resurfacing treatment for anyone who wanted to have smaller pores, lesser fine lines and a boost of collagen to tighten the skin and look more rejuvenated. However like all treatments, there are some cons to CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment e.g downtime, needle prickling pain during the procedure as well as burning sensation after the treatment. Hence, I would definitely recommend CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment to anyone who wanted to have a better skin quality and is alright with downtime as well as the possible pain that one might experience during the treatment.

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