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Why Club Med Cherating should be your next holiday destination

Growing up in a concrete jungle, I always crave to travel out of the country for new adventures or just to be away from the hustle and bustle. If you are like me, stay with me as I share with you why Club Med Cherating should be your next holiday destination! I kid you not, Club Med Cherating is not just any beach resort destination.

club med day 3-11
Getting There
Although Club Med Cherating is located in Kuantan, getting there is as easy as ABC. You can either take a coach which takes 4 to 5 hours to arrive in Kuantan or you can easily reach Kuantan around 1 hour time via Firefly. For those who don’t know about Firefly, it is a budget airline and a subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines which offers seamless short-haul air flights within Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.
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This is my first turboprop aircraft experience but it was quite an awesome experience, safe and smooth.
club med day 3-17
Besides having 20kg of complimentary baggage check in allowance, there are complimentary refreshments!!! We have a choice of water, orange juice or soda for our beverages and simple snacks such as peanut or curry puff. Well, which budget airline offers complimentary refreshments? I am quite happy to have some drinks during my hour long flight.
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For any holiday, I would say the air crew plays quite a crucial part. Trust me, I have met nasty air crew who totally spoilt my holiday. I am so glad that the young and friendly air crew at Firefly makes my holiday. Good vibes, people!
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After we arrived at Kuantan, we met up with the people from Club Med Cherating and were led to a coach where we took a 45 minutes ride to the resort.
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Arriving at Club Med Cherating
Upon arrival, we were greeted by the warm and affectionate Club Med crew aka the GOs (Gentil Organisateurs). They danced and sang just like how you see some hotel welcoming their guests in some movies. The icy cold hand towel and welcoming drinks were like God sends for the sunny hot weather.
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Hotel Room
For those of you who are worried about the hotel room facility, your worries are almost unfounded. Nope, no insects in the room (at least for my room). If you forget to bring shower gel, shampoo and hair conditioner, there are well provided for. Besides 1 set in the shower area, there are another at the sink area.
club med day 1-18
club med day 1-19
For those who can’t live without television programme, there is a television in the room as well as complimentary coffee corner, hair dryer, safe, iron, ironing board and WIFI!
club med day 1-23
club med day 1-21
But the best part for me is I managed to get a room which is facing the sea. Don’t you love waking up to the rhythm of the waves?
club med day 1-48
For those who prefer a quieter room, you can always request for one with a garden view. There are 240 rooms situated between 15 blocks of three-storey teak buildings on stilts, so there is definitely one to fit your requirements. Worry not when it rains as the buildings are linked via the covered stairway. =)
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club med day 1-6
Wide Selection of FOOD @ The Mutiara
Food hunting being Singapore’s national hobby, it is like paradise here! The Mutiara is a buffet style dining restaurant conveniently located near the pool and the main lobby. So you can either opt for alfresco dining where you can see people frolicking in the pool or you can enjoy dining in the air conditioned space which is set apart by the glass panels. There is something for everyone here. I kid you not! From Chinese cuisine to Indian, Western, Korean and even Japanese!
club med day 1-8
club med day 1-9
club med day 1-10
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Mind you, what you have seen from above are just some deets from my trip. The dishes are on rotating basis so what you had for today might not be what you can find for tomorrow. And did I mention that you can customise your own plate of food? I love foie gras and scallops so the greedy me requested to have both when they are actually 2 different dishes! lol
Oh yes, don’t forget to try their bread! They are baked in house everyday at 3 different time slots to ensure that you have fresh bread!!! Major love this! I swear my travelling mates had a shock on the amount of bread I ate. But I just can’t resist fresh bread!!!!
club med day 1-58
club med day 1-56
club med day 1-53
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Initimate dining @ The Rembulan
For those who prefer a more personalised dining experience where food is served to you, do remember to make your table reservation at the reception in advance for The Rembulan. This lovely restaurant located besides Pantai Beach is often fully booked. As it offers views over the sea and beautiful gardens while you dine, I would highly recommend one to at least dine in here once during your trip to Club Med Cherating. There are tables for 2 to 8 pax so no worries about bigger group.You can also opt for high chairs if you like.
club med day 2-36
club med day 2-34
club med day 2-35
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While there is a huge variety of food available during lunch or dinner, The Mutiara and The Rembulan is only open during lunch or dinner. If you are feeling peckish during odd hours in the afternoon or craving for supper, fret not. The Noodle Bar got you covered. There is a medley of noodles (with/ without soup) for you to decide on. Best part, the selection is different everyday!
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club med day 1-49
Alcohol in abundance!
There are 2 bars around Club Med Cherating. The Orchid is the main bar located bar near the Mutiara restaurant and operates from morning till late in the evening!
Credit: Club Med Cherating
For those who prefer to sun tan by the sea or to watch the sunset while having a cocktail in hand, check out The Bayou which is located at Pantai beach.
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club med day 1-52
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With an array of beverages (with or without alcohol) included, it makes no sense not to drink up to a glass or two (well, at least for me).
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Outdoor Activities
I can safely say that there is no dull moment at Club Med Cherating. Besides Jungle Walk, there is Treetop Challenge, Flying Trapeze, Rock climbing, Kayaking and Sailing.
club med day 3-3

If life is all about experiencing something new, I have my first try on archery at Clud Med Cherating! Haha I never thought that it was that easy or maybe it was easier than I thought as the GO instructor meticulously gone through each step with great patience. I look quite pro here, right? =P
club med day 2
club med day 1-44
For those who are looking for a health and wellness trip, Club Med Cherating also got you covered! There are yoga classes throughout the day for you to stretch those muscles and feel connected with yourself through the experiences of different postures and controlled breathing. If you are one who cannot miss your workout, there is a gym here too.
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club med day 1-38
club med day 2-33
club med day 2-32
For those who have an artsy flair (or not) and want to explore batik painting, check out the Batik Painting Studio at Club Med Cherating. A small batik painting costs $50 ringgits and takes about a full day or so for you to finish. Personally, I find it very therapeutic. I enjoyed how it took away my stresses and worries while painting away in my desired colours on that white canvas. Best of all, you get to do it at your own pace. I love this arrangement as I got to explore the other activities in Club Med Cherating as well.
club med day 1-33
If you are one who cannot live without playing mahjong, there is a mahjong room too. Time for a holiday with your mahjong khakis?

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club med day 1-30
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Good news for those who are looking for a good rub after going under the sun for the whole day or just wanted to do some medicure and pedicure, there is a spa located within Club Med Cherating, Mandara Spa! There are individual and duo treatment rooms as well as ala carte spa treatments (facial, massage, wrap, scrub, body bath, medicure and pedicure) and spa package for you to pamper yourself and your loved ones.
club med day 2-38
club med day 2-37
club med day 1-29
Although there are monthly special deals, we opted only for a body massage. Before the commencement of the massage, we were asked to choose the massage oil that we preferred. There were also tea served to us after the massage to help us detox. If you like the spa products, they are also available for retailing. When I was there  last Nov, they were having 50% discounts. Kinda regrets not getting any. hahaha
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Swimmers and people who are looking forward to a dip in the pool will be thrilled as there are 2 pools in Clud Med Cherating.
club med day 1-46
The bigger pool is the one located near the main lobby where you can see a lot of children having fun in the pool.
club med day 2-8
club med day 2-11
For those who prefer a more seclusive environment, you might want to take a ride on the train to Pantai Beach and head over to the Adult Zen Pool.
club med day 2-14

The Adult Zen is like another place of paradise on its own.
club med day 2-13
club med day 2-18
club med day 2-17
club med day 2-15

Besides having an infinity pool, there are ample of day beds (either facing the pool or the sea). You can either chill there with a book or gather a few friends to have a heart to heart talk.
club med day 2-19
club med day 2-20
There is also a bar located near the bathrooms where you can get your set of towels or beverages to quench your thirst.

club med day 2-12

club med day 2-23
During my stay at the Adult Zen Pool, one of my favourite activities is to stay by the infinity pool to chit chat with Karen and people watch.
club med day 1-32
For couples with kids, here is one piece of good news for you! At Club Med Cherating, there are childrenโ€™s clubs (FOC for kids from the age of 4 years old, extra cost for babies from 4 mths old to 3 years old) open all week to make sure the parents can have their private time as well.
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club med day 1-45
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There are G.Os from 96 different countries around the world. Just like what one of the G.Os said, there is definitely one who speak your native language. With numerous activities for children of all ages such as hanging around the playground to swimming activities to table tennis, badminton, footballs and many other sports. The kids are well taken care of while you are away.
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When night falls, the friendly G.Os by day will also put up performance to entertain the guests at Club Med Cherating. Every night, there is a different performance but from what I understand, the best performance is usually on Sat. Sadly for me, I left on Sat afternoon. Hence, I have missed the best night for the performance. Nevertheless, the passion that the G.Os have towards the guests left me a great impression. Despite the long working hours, they were always seen happy and jovial towards the guests. Love the positive vibes here.
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The overall experience at Club Med Cherating was unforgettable. It kind of grew onto you and made you leave as a happier person before you arrive. With such impeccable service, full boarding meals, countless of activities and comfortable bed, I am now a Club Med convert. I am definitely looking forward to more holidays with Club Med. With V’day coming, if you are one who hates to plan for a holiday, why not give Club Med Cherating a try to surprise your loved ones? Does per pax starting from $386/per night with everything (accomodation, activities, food and drinks) included sounds good to you? For more info, do check out Club Med’s Website. Flight details can be found on Firefly’s Website too.

Club Med Cherating
Malaysian Archipelago Malaysia

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Firefly and Club Med Cherating.

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