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Closed Door Invite: Paddy Hills @ 38 South Buona Vista Road.

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When I mention South Buona Vista Road (also commonly known as 九十九弯), usually foodies friends will link it to the famous South Buona Vista Road Duck Rice, Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice. However, due to the poor health of the founder, Mr Lim Seng Lee, he ended the business in July 2013.

Good news is at the same 2100 sqft space where the duck rice was, a new F&B establishment, Paddy Hills is opening tomorrow, 3rd March. Gosh, the wall mural drawn by John Fan is like a breath of fresh air to the stretch of old shophouses there and so apt for #ootd. lol I was very blessed to be invited to a casual tasting together with J, Lance and Nicolas.

As we enter the establishment, there is a neon light which shouted “Rise and Grind”. People who are curious with the neon lighting as I do, it is actually a description of how passionate Paddy Hills is over coffee and hence every morning they wake up to grind coffee and brew coffee. So why is it named Paddy Hills, the young owner mentioned that while in Bali for holidays, he was intrigued with the beautiful scenery of rice paddy terrace that gave him that soothing and comfortable feel. He hope that Paddy Hills can be a place that people enjoy good food in a comfortable setting. Thus the name “Paddy Hills” is born. On the side note, his dad also jokingly said it means prosperity and they hope that the establishment can be a success. 😉
People from the Pasir Panjang area can now rejoice! Some awesome coffee equipment such as the “Ferrari” amongst the espresso machines – a Slayer 4-step profiling espresso machine, Compak E10 Conical grinder, Santos Coffee Shop Grinder 63 and Conti CG 100 on demand grinder are spotted in the cafe.
Latte ($5.50)
Besides serving their own coffee blends, they are also serving filter coffee over V60 and aeropress. All of the beans are professionally roasted by Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee. There are 2 house blends in the hoppers, 99-1 and Spark. For their 99-1 blend, a coffee blend of Columbia Supremo, Bazil and Guatemala, it is well bodied with dark chocolate and caramel notes, very chocolatey and sweet. While Spark is a coffee blend of El Salvador, Kenya and Sidamo is bright, velvety and clean. Yumz.
From the left: Pinkish Lemonade, Yuzu Effervescene, Rise & Grind and Taste like Purple

Gosh, these are really saviors for the scorching hot weather in Singapore. Priced at $7, not only are they pretty to look at, made using fresh ingredients, they are also very healthy. The colours you see here are all natural colouring from the ingredients. So cheers to healthy and pretty quenchers!!! I can easily say “Take my money!!!!” without second thoughts. They are so delicious!

Peanut Butter, Choc, Banana ($11)
For peeps who love milkshakes, there are 3 types of milkshakes to choose from. The peanut butter chocolate banana milkshake is of a thick creamy consistency and served with torched marshmallows and chocolate sauce. The nutty taste reminded me so much of nutella. Mega love love!
Toasted Spicy Rice Cakes ($15)

To be frank, this is my first time having rice cakes prepared this way and i like it. They are so addictive!!! So crispy on the outside and so chewy and springy on the inside! The mildly spicy gochujang which is commonly found in bibimbap and tteokbokki, paired very well with the rice cakes.

Califlower Fritters ($12)

The califlower fritters are well seasoned with the paprika salt and did not give me a very “jelat” feeling after popping a few of them. However, I think a dash of lemon juice would elevate the dish to another level. Nevertheless, this is also one of my fav and imo it will goes very well with a pint of beer. lol

Beetroot Carpaccio ($18)

Inspired by a vegetarian friend’s pedicament of always having difficulties ordering food in a gathering, the owner created this dish using ribbons of cucumber and baby carrot, tofu, thinly shredded deep fried burdocks and topped with sweet onion gel made in house. It is amazing how everything comes together that even a carnivor like J would like this.

Big Breakfast ($24)

Something different from the usual brunch menu, this dish is served with fatty pork belly steak instead of dried up bacon. The pork belly is braised in home made BBQ sauce for at least 3 hours before serving. A fusion of the east & the west. 😉

Golden Man Tou Sliders ($23)

While golden man tou is commonly seen as sides with chilli crab, little did I know that the combi of mou tou works well with beef patty. One of the things that I look for in having a beef slider is always the beef patty. To my delights, the beef patty here is juicy and well seasoned. From what I understand, the sweet potato chips are first shredded to the correct thickness, soaked in water to remove the starch and then carefully fried to perfection.  The elements on this plate are simply so hearty when they come together.

Quesadillas ($18)

Mildly spiced pull pork wrapped in thin crispy tortilla and served with charred corn on the bottom and pickled shallots and cherry at the side. I like the natural sweetness from the charred corn and the touch of the pickled shallots and cherry meant to add some acidity to balance the dish.

Hash Hash ($24)

The beef shank is braised for more than 6 hours till it is very soft and tender. It is then served with roasted baby potatos, sauteed mushroom, chorizo and sous vide egg. Available from 8.30am to 5.30pm in the daytime menu, Hash hash is another dish good for sharing. 😉

Squid ink Tagliatelle ($23)

This pasta is available only for limited quantity – 30 servings per day on weekends. This is one of the highlights of the tasting, everyone around the table has a thumb up for it. Instead of adding the squid ink into the pasta during the pasta making process, the squid ink is infused into the pasta during the cooking. I would said that this is a test for the chef at Paddy Hills, as timing is the very key to the dish. Cooked a minute too long, it will be too cooked and a minute earlier it will be under cooked. I love the touch from the Ikura (salmon roe) and the Tobiko (flying fish roe), not only they complement the dish, they added colours to it. So pretty yet so tasty.

Potato & Fish ($22)

When the dish reached the table, I was wondering where is the potato rosti ah? Lol. Very much to my surprise, the kitchen crew has the potato shredded into “bee hoon” thickness which is crunchy and goes very well with the deconstructed bagna cauda. The creator of this dish had in mind that anchoives can be quite an acquired taste, hence the idea of deconstructed bagna cauda is born. Using fish stock that is made from scratch, the sauce is then cooked with garlic and olive oil, without the anchoives. Thus explained the anchoives on the side.

Kimchi Fried Rice ($20)

Served with hanger steak, which is best known for its tenderness, sous vide egg and kimchi, this is like a deconstructed kimchi fried rice. Though this is not a tze char stall but I think some credit should really be given to the chef for the wok-hei from the fried rice.

Orange Ricotta Pillows ($18)

Looking at this picture, I am actually feeling sad as the picture does no justice to this dish. I can easily say that this is one of the most fluffy pancakes that I have in my whole life. So people who think otherwise, please share your love of pancake with me  😉 Served with coconut ice cream from Cookie & Co, orange caramel, blood orange slices and crushed pistachios, this dessert is substantial enough to be served among 2- 3 pax.

The Asian Brick ($18)

This is a must order for banana lovers. The banana fritters are deep frittered in a thin batter, so light and crispy on the outside and so soft and comforting on the inside. Definitely instagrammable and bite worthy!!!

Berry Ricotta Hotcakes ($18)

This is another too beautiful breakfast (though imo it is more like a dessert) to have. The texture of the hotcakes is an in between of muffin, cake and hotcakes, crispy crust with soft fluffiness on the inside. Instead of drizzling maple syrup over, the maple syrup is hidden at the bottom of the hotcakes, so as not to compromise the crispiness of the crust.

Besides serving the day time menu, there is also a night time menu to look out for. On this blog post, the food are all on the day time menu. Besides having very highly instagrammable pictures, the food served are also not the usual brunch menu and a lot of thinking must have gone into it before they are introduced on the menu. Best of all, most components are done in house and made from scratch, such as the sauces (bbq sauce, sweett onion gel, beetroot cream cheese sauce..etc), the stocks (fish, chicken & beef stock), the mayo (lemon, garlic aioli,wasabi..etc), curing of salmon and the pasta. From the renovation to the menu and the plating, I feel that Paddy Hills is very serious and passionate about what they are doing. Although there are more hits than misses, the crew is sincere and take feedback with a positive attitude. Paddy Hills is definitely a F&B establishment to look out for. With some fine tuning, I am sure it will shine!
UPDATE: I have also went back for the dinner menu, do check out my review.
Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118164
Tel: (+65) 6479 0800
Operating Hours: 9am to 10pm
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