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Churro 101 or Churro 1 for 1?

Better than a boyfriend? A cheeky tagline of Churro 101, a Korean Churro chain that is to be opened its first overseas outlet at Bugis Plus. While I heard of boys are made of snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails (a popular nursery rhyme from the early 19th century), I am quite curious to find out how is churro better than a boyfriend? Why not girlfriend since girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. =)
For quality control, all the ingredients are specially imported from Korea and everything is freshly made from scratch each day. hmmm.. brownie points scored for me, I am a sucker of freshly made food.
At the media preview, we sampled everything from the menu. From the signature Cinnamon Churro ($3.50) to churro with fillings such as Cream Cheese ($4.70), Chocolate ($4.50) and Milk Mustard ($4.50). Just in case you are wondering why the churro is so small and short. That is because they are cut into smaller portion for easy consumption. The standard size is about 30cm.
Cream cheese churro is my favourite of the night. I like the delicate balance of the filling without being too sweet.The tangy finish leave me wanting for more. Truly addictive!
If you have the tummy to spare for only one churro, I would highly recommend the plain churro ($3.30) or those with sugar ($3.50). The classic churro has a crispy exterior, lightly dusted sugar and an airy interior. So crunchy and so addictive! I am not exaggerating when I said this is simplicity at its best!
For chocolate lovers, besides the chocolate filled churro, there are dark chocolate churro ($5.40). You can also customise them with different toppings (almond slices, strawberry crunch and coconut powder) at $0.50 per topping. But do note that the chocolate is rather sweet so best to share with another person. Perhaps a boyfriend?
While you may be thinking of visiting Churro 101 over the weekend, hold your horse, friend! The official opening of Churro 101 is on the 12th of October with a full day promotion of 1 for 1 churro. So grab your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend along to enjoy the churro on the day itself. Based on my recent quest for a good churro, I am confident to say that Churro 101 is worth more than a try. It is perhaps one of the better churros that I have eaten in Singapore. =)
To read on my other perspective of Churro 101, hop on to

Churro 101 Singapore
201 Victoria Street #04-01 Bugis Plus  Singapore 188067 
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

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