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Generally, Singaporeans have a very hectic lifestyle. Hence, it is not uncommon to hear one complains about aches and pains. However, a recent study conducted by the Singapore General Hospital has found that 73% of the respondents experienced pain in at least one of the body parts (neck, shoulder and/ or lower back) and neck has the highest report of pain! Sadly, this is more commonly found in female than male. Being plagued with lower backaches due to prolonged sitting, my curiosity of chiropractic care has finally got the better of me. I decided to make an appointment with Dr Charles Loo from Chiropractic Focus Group after hearing so many good reviews of his professional services
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Currently, under Chiropractic Focus Group, there are 3 clinics which are located in Jurong, Tampines and Tanjong Pagar.
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My first consultation with Dr Loo involved an inspection of the entire spine, orthopaedic assessment and a set of questions regarding my lifestyle and medical history. Dr Loo went on to explain to me the different stages of neuromusculoskeletal disorders as well as his diagnosis of my current condition.

This is when I got educated about forward head posture, a very common syndrome among people who sit in front of a computer or looking down at their mobile phone all the time. Some of the symptoms include stiff neck, headaches, migraines, lower back pain and in severe cases it might lead to premature joint arthritis and nerve impingement if left untreated. With every inch that our head is extending forward, our neck has to support an addition weight of 4.5kg. OMG this is seriously no joke!

Another thing that I realise is that I have a significant difference between my leg lengths. Although most people have a small difference in the leg lengths, our body would try to be symmetrical and compensate for the length difference. Hence, that might have contributed to my lower back pain.
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But the good news for me is that I am now only in stage one. Hence, my conditions need not have to be permanent and can be treated with a combination of chiropractic treatments, shockwave therapy and physiotherapy. I have since done 3 chiropractic adjustments, 1 shockwave as well as 2 physiotherapy treatments. Unlike other chiropractors, Dr Loo believes in working hand in hand with a physiotherapist to optimise the whole treatment for the patients. Despite looking young, I like that Dr Loo is very experienced in his delivery of spinal adjustments, on top of being patient and meticulous in explaining my body conditions. Below are snippets of the chiropractic adjustments that I have done. Don’t worry, it is 100% safe and painless. In fact, I often feel that the tension on my muscles were released after the treatments. Can’t wait to sit through a long haul flight without feeling the backache!

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