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Cherry Garden CNY 2018

Have you ever wondered why is reunion dinner aka 团圆饭 an important part of the Chinese traditions? Many of us have been travelling for work and busy throughout the year. Hence, reunion dinner is an important part of Chinese New Year as everyone most of us would make it a point to travel home in time to reunite with one another over this special dinner affair. Feasting of a sumptuous meal is expected as the reunion dinner symbolises a good start of the new year. With less than 2 months to Chinese New Year 2018, I am totally excited. But first thing first, where is a good place for Lo Hei and to make this year reunion dinner a memorable dining experience? Stay with me as I share with you some of the highlights at Cherry Garden!
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Yusheng(Chinese: 魚生) aka lo hei (Cantonese for 捞起) is one of the must do and must eat item on the Chinese New Year food menu as it symbolises abundance, good health and prosperity. Cherry Garden’s signature festive Yu Sheng starts from $78 onwards. You can also order Cherry Garden’s Luxurious Pen Cai (topped with heaps of premium ingredients) – Singapore’s largest traditional basin dish, weighing more than 25 kilogrammes and measuring up to 45 centimetres in diameter if you are in the mood to splurge.
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As a soup lover, I would always like to start any meal with a soup, especially if I am at Cherry Garden. Not being bias but Cherry Garden has one of the best soup in town. Not only did they use premium ingredients, the soup was served really hot. For any soup lover, the temperature of the soup is very important. Always better to burn your tongue than to have a lukewarm soup! I like how the Double-boiled Spring Chicken Soup with Matsutake, Snow Fungus and Dried Scallops was packed with flavours, yet light on the palate! You can find this soup on the Joyous, Prosperity and Wealth Chinese New Year set menu.
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Previously I have tried the Steamed Red Garoupa served with Pickled Chillies which left me impressed with the freshness of the fish. For Chinese New Year, spotted in the in Joyous, Prosperity and Auspicious cny set menu is Steamed Dragon Spot Garoupa Fillet with Preserved Vegetables and Mushrooms left me wanting for more. Not only did the preserved vegetables added some textural bite to the perfectly steamed fish, it gave it a lovely sweet and savoury finish that had me lusting for more!
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For those who want to order some crustacean from the ala carte menu, Baked King Prawn with Yunan Black Garlic and Egg White ($22/ per portion) is one of the signature that you cannot miss. The King Prawn was firm, fresh and has a crunch towards the end of the bite. The black garlic added some sweetness while the egg white gave a crabmeat texture to the dish.
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Ending the meal in a sweet note with Organic black bean pudding with avocado and sesame ice cream, which is available on the Dim Sum Brunch (12 to 2.30pm, $98/ per guest) and Joyouse CNY set menu! This is recommended if you like wobbly soft pudding with creamy avocado juice and sesame ice cream. This is one of those dessert that no one wants to share.

Cherry Garden CNY set menu will be available for lunch and dinner from 8 Feb to 2 March with each guest having their individual portion. Advanced reservations are encouraged. You can also place orders for festive goodies by emailing mosin-festive@mohg.com or calling +65 6885 3081 2 days in advance.

Cherry Garden
5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square Singapore 039797
Tel: +65 6885 3500
Email: mosin-dining@mohg.com
Operating hours:
Weekday Lunch – 12 noon to 2:30pm
Weekend Dim Sum Buffet – 11am to 1pm / 1:30 to 3:30pm
Dinner – 6:30 to 10:30pm

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