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Chinese New Year at The Carvery

As the Singaporean and Malaysian tradition, a hearty Lunar New Year meal cannot go without the ritual of tossing the Yusheng. And this particular Golden Eight Treasures Yusheng ($38.80/4~6pax) at Carvery’s was a great start to get the ball rolling.

The Carvery CNY-5
Covered with a generous portion of Norwegian trout slices, the delicately arranged orange fatty fish and colourful sides were a feast to the eyes. As we mixed, tossed and shouted our auspicious notes, I could feel the fragrance of the roasted black and white sesame tinkering my nose.
This was a wet Yusheng as the amount of sesame oil added was more than what I would usually have had, but I am not complaining since I really enjoyed the sesame oil coating each strands of vegetables and mixing uniformly with the fatty trout.
Apart from the trout, we also get ikura, marinated baby squid, jellyfish, scallop frills, seafood and crispy fish skin in the mix, basically all the delicious ingredients I love and I would not be wrong to call it an ingenious seafood platter in disguise.
The Carvery CNY-6
As we start with Carvery’s Chinese New Year Buffet, one of the first items we had was the Honey-roasted leg of lamb. I did not have any expectation nor could confidently foresee how it would even taste like, but judging from its appearance it whetted my appetite. The meat became more medium rare and bland in the middle, while the outer layer was crispy, well cooked and savoury. It was meant to allow the diner to experience the different contrast of the meat I believe, and I appreciated the chef’s intent.
The Carvery CNY-7
Following that we had the roasted pork belly. While the skin was crispy to our delight, the meat was nothing to shout about, especially after devouring the stellar lamb cut.
The Carvery CNY-9
The Roasted duck breast with yam croquettes was a beautiful red meat by itself. The fat to meat ratio of the fowl was optimum and the well roasted meat, keeping the succulent juices intact showed the culinary finesses of the roasting team. Paired with crispy yam croquettes the entire composition had so much texture. I would simply come back just for this.
The Carvery CNY-8
The Braised beef brisket was decent though I would prefer the beef to be a little bit more tender.
The Carvery CNY-15
Carvery is known for their meat, so apart from some small glitches, they certainly did not disappoint. In fact they are out to impress.
The Carvery CNY-10
The Flower crab stew was on the other hand much better. It was firm and meaty, the way most people like it. It went down extremely well with my pint of beer.
The Carvery CNY-13
For CNY 2017, the specially created dessert, the Yuzu trifle was delicious, at a standard consistent with the other savoury dishes. Tangy and not overpowering sweet, this citrus based dessert was made in mind to cleanse our palette of all those meat we have had. Just brilliant!
The Carvery CNY-12
The Persimmon compote was comparatively lacklustre since the fruit-compote mix was left sitting in a pot of diluted iced water. It was not exactly pleasant.
The Carvery CNY-12
Diners would also enjoy their regular buffet food which will remain after 11th February.
Their mainstays are mostly the meat, which came with a variety of condiments such as the red salt, butter, etc. Of all, I must say the beef was mind-boggling yummy, especially when paired with butter. This is a must-try!
Park Hotel Alexandra (28 of 52)
Carvery also has individual sections dedicating to salads, fresh oyster, soups, fish, cheeses, pizzas and desserts. You just need to keep a look-out.
Park Hotel Alexandra (49 of 52)
All in all, I would rate this restaurant 4.3/5. The meat is of really high quality and if you are a meat lover, this is the Mecca for your pilgrimage.
The Chinese New Year Revelry buffet, which is available daily is priced attractively at $45++ for lunch and $55++ for dinner. Available till 11th February.

Hereby wishing all readers a happy year of the golden rooster!
Chúc Mừng Năm Con Gà 2017! – Kelvin

The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road Level 7 Singapore 159972
Tel: +65 6828 8880
Email: thecarvery.phal@parkhotelgroup.com
Operating Hours: 6.30pm to 10pm (Mon to Sun)

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