Bobii Frutii, Taiwan’s most instagramable bubble tea is coming to Singapore

Being a milk tea lover, I was excited to try the popular Taiwanese milk tea at Bobii Frutti, which will be launched at The Clementi Mall on 10 January 2018. This trendy bubble tea chain was brought into Singapore by local celebrity Nat Ho and his business partners! It is dubbed Taiwan’s most Instagramable bubble tea and I can’t hold back my excitement to see if they taste as yummy as they look.
Bobii Fruitii
The creative drinks are made using natural ingredients such as butterfly pea extract, fresh milk, fruit juices and premium brown sugar imported from Taiwan. Bobii Frutii also uses pearls with no preservatives, no additives or artificial colouring. Best of all, the drinks do not utilise any high-frutose corn syrup! Healthier choice, anyone?
Bobii Frutii imports red tea from Sri Lanka, green tea from Vietnam and Oolong tea from Taiwan.
Bobii Fruitii
The Matcha power is prepared upon order with precise amount from the recipe. I was able to choose the level of sweetness according to my preferences. For Matcha lovers, check out their Uji Snow ($6.50) which is made with Matcha, Milk and Original Bobii.
Bobii Fruitii
Those who prefer yoghurt based milk tea may try the “Don’t Want to Grow Up” with Strawberry, Mango, Milk and Yoghurt ($6.90).
Bobii Fruitii
Bobii Fruitii
Some other signatures include “Extraordinary Bubble Milk Tea ($4.50), “Don’t Want to Work” ($4.50) and “Mermaid’s Tears” ($5.90)
Bobii Fruitii
The drinks are adorable with sweet Bobii pearls and high quality tea. Do drop by and order your favourite drinks when you visit The Clementi Mall.

Bobii Frutii
The Clementi Mall, #04-K4, 3155 CommonWealth Avenue West, S129588
Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Payment: Cash/NETS


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