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Blue Jasmine, Halal food done right

I love Thai food and it is almost like my default cuisine to go to whenever it rains or if I am looking for some comfort food. Nested in the lush courtyard of Park Hotel Farrer Park, Blue Jasmine has recently just refreshed its menu with new a-la-carte items.
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Blue Jasmine is located next to the pool at level 5 of Park Hotel Farrer Park. With 100-seater, this halal Thai restaurant offers the option of alfresco dining as well as indoor seating with air condition. Not only can one find classics thai dishes, Blue Jasmine also features regional specialities. Hence, it is like a gastronomical tour around Thailand dining at Blue Jasmine.
Blue Jasmine
Tom Yum soup, both clear and red, has been well loved by lovers of Thai cuisine. But at Blue Jasmine, one can find another lesser-known but equally traditional Thai soup called Poh Tek ($20) on the menu. While the ingredients, herbs and spices used are similar to Tom Yum, Poh Tek, is made with a different proportion of spices and ingredients, with the addition of deep-fried sea bass. I like how well balanced the soup was and how my appetite was immediately whetted to welcome the feast ahead. Oh yes, the deep fried sea bass was very well cooked. So much so that even Leong who doesn’t really eat fish, went for a second serving.
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Of cos, any meal with Nicole called for chicken wings. If you like Korean chicken wings, perhaps you should try Devil Wings ($14) at Blue Jasmine too. The chicken wings were deep fried till crispy and coated with a homemade sauce made of tamarind, chilli syrup and ground rice. A lovely melody of flavours to the palatte, sweet, tangy and with a hint of spiciness.
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Cha-Om Fried Egg ($12) is another popular dish that one could find in any thai restaurant. At Blue Jasmine, it is done slightly different. Prettier, more refined and definitely still tasting really good. Oh yes, don’t forget to pair it with the accompanying shrimp paste sauce and seasonal vegetables.
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Excuse me, how come the Chicken Green Curry ($24) is not green one ah? Yes, at Blue Jasmine, a small amount of red curry powder and other spices were added to the green curry to add more dimension and savouriness to the dish. Well, I must say I enjoyed this version better. At least the colour looked more appealing too. =)
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Yellow River Prawn Curry ($26) was another amazing curry dish that is not to be missed. Made with galangal, fresh turmeric, onion, lemongrass, red chillies, coconut milk, and a myriad of herbs, the gravy was flavorsome yet not overly spicy. Together with the grey prawns, it made a dish that called for some rice. Oh yes, those beautiful hues of blue came from cooking the rice with the natural blue colouring from blue butterfly pea flowers.
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I am a huge fan of anything with basil so it is quite a no brainer to guess that Holy Basil KRAPAO (Squid, $24) was another highlight of the meal for me. Perfumed with the aroma of holy basil, the squid was cooked just right while the long bean retained a crunchy bite.
Blue Jasmine-34
With the chicken marinated overnight before it was twice roasted in the oven, Roast Chicken Esarn style ($16) was moist and well seasoned. I think that the usage of kampong chicken here resulted in a firmer bite, while the aroma from lemongrass, coriander leaves, turmeric powder, white pepper seed and such made a delightful yet appetising dish to have.
Blue Jasmine-35
Carb lovers, do try the Thai Fried Kueh Teow (Seafood, $18). The kueh teow was so springy yet packed with the flavours and the smokiness from the wok. So much so that, I was filled to the brim yet I wanted to have another serving of it. Also, I like that it was more savoury than sweet as compared to the Pad Thai.
Blue Jasmine-47
Before you call for the bill, remember to end your meal with the Thai Chendol ($12). How often do you get to eat HOMEMADE red and blue rubies right? These rubies are not just pretty, they are HUGE! With that, you can expect a lovely bite as you sink your the teeth into every single one of these pretty chunks of water chestnuts. Perhaps this is the very reason why I adore the idea of dining at Blue Jasmine. With a chef who pays great emphasis on making sauces, dressings and ingredients from scratch, one can be sure that the dishes that are delivered to the table are the very best that she can offer. So do check out Blue Jasmine if you have not visit it yet.

Blue Jasmine
10 Farrer Park Station Road, Level 5, Singapore 217564
Tel: +65 6824 8851
Email: hello@bluejasmine.com.sg
Operating hours: Mon ~ Sun Dining 11.30 am – 10pm
Buffet Dinner (Fri ~ Sat) 6.30pm – 10pm


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