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Berjaya Langkawi Resort, more than just an accomodation

Born on a small island, I am always bitten by travel bug and more often than not, I found myself wandering off to some parts of Malaysia as travelling time is usually within 2 hours by flight. One of the destinations that I love is Langkawi, known to be an duty free island with cheap boozes, lush rainforests and wonderful sea activities!
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While tourists might start to flow from October end to April during peak season, Langkawi was well loved by visitors during mid season (between April to August) as well for the cooler weather. But I love to visit the island the best during low season (September to October) as it was the coolest months with lesser tourists on the island.
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Although there are many choices on the island, I must share that one of my favourite resort got to to be Berjaya Langkawi Resort. Here is my 10 reasons why I love this resort –
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1) No lack of greenery
Merely 20-minute drive from the Langkawi International Airport, you would step into a lush tropical rainforest. Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose from Rainforest Chalet to Premier Suite on Water yet surrounded by greenery and fresh air.
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2) Private Beach
If lounging on the beach with a mug of beer in hand is your kind of holiday, this would fit in just perfectly.
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3) Nature Walk
Early risers who love to know more about the natural habitat around Berjaya Langkawi Resort can always join Dev, a volunteer tour guide, on his nature walk. Not only did we learn about the 2 kinds of monkeys residing within the compound, we got to know about the different types of botanicals and animals that are native to Langkawi.
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4) Spa within the premises
No holiday is complete if you did not go for a spa treatment in Langkawi. Taaras Spa is immersed within the lush greenery of the rainforest with a good selection of facials, scrubs and massages services. But do note that advance booking is encouraged as the spa is often fully booked.
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5) Beautiful sunset at Pahn-Thai Restaurant
If waking up early for sunrise is too much of a strain for you, I would suggest booking a table at Pahn-Thai Restaurant, a popular thai restaurant located within Berjaya Langkawi Resort, and enjoy the sunset.
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Berjaya Langkawi-209

6)Awaken the sea sports lover in you
Berjaya Langkawi Resort has its own sea sports counter whereby you can enjoy an array of sea activities without getting out of the resort. I would highly recommend the Banana Boat if you are in a group and looking for some thrills. Standing paddle board is great for people who are looking something different. Not to worry as the sea is usually calm and peaceful.
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Berjaya Langkawi-232
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Berjaya Langkawi-236
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7) Mangrove walk
Not to worry about getting wet and dirty, I assure you that is not going to happen if you follow the instructions given by Abang Shah, volunteer guide for the mangrove tour, while walking on the PVC tubing laid around the mangrove. Besides learning more about Langkawi as UNESCO Global Geopark, one get to find out about the importance of the mangrove in protecting and conserving the environment. Talking to Abang Shah would also bring you insights to the natural landscape of Langkawi.
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Berjaya Langkawi-205
Berjaya Langkawi-207

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8) Ample of facilities
Besides lazing around the pool, there are heaps of activities to keep one busy at the resorts. From Gym to Beach volleyball to Archery and even Batik painting!
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Berjaya Langkawi-181
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9)Heaps of OOTDs spots
If your idea of an ideal holidays includes getting some awesome pictures taken, you will definitely not be disappointed. There are plenty of photo worthy places to satisfy your inner cam whore.
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Berjaya Langkawi-45
Berjaya Langkawi-275
Berjaya Langkawi-204
Berjaya Langkawi-240
Berjaya Langkawi-244
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10) Food as the way of life
With more than 5 restaurants and bars located in Berjaya Langkawi Resort, one can be spoilt for choices! From local favourites and international specialties at Dayang Cafe to Western and Indian cuisine at Beach Brasserie and Thai Food at Pahn-Thai Restaurant, one can literally stay in the resort without getting out. There are also sports bar as well as live band for all the party animals and football fans to gather!
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To be frank, there are more than 10 reasons why I love Berjaya Langkawi resort but I shall not set your expectations too high. Do experience the resort yourself and share with me if what I listed are valid to you as well.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort
Karong Berkunci 200, Burau Bay 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Malaysia
Tel: + 60 (4) 959 1888

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