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Beauty Confident ~ A book on homemade skincare

It is kinda embarrassing how long it took me to finish a book. I used to love reading but as I age, I got distracted way too easily by other stuff. Hence, it took me more than a month to finish Beauty Confident by Tomoka Y. Nguyen. However, this is definitely a book of great beneficial value to those who have ultra sensitive skin and find nothing suitable off the retail rack for their skincare needs.
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Beauty Confident by Tomoka Y. Nguyen is not just a book that teach you how to make your own skincare. It is a book that introduce you basic ingredients that can be easily found in the convenience of our kitchen and share how easy it is to make them into a range powerful skincare to take care of our skin. On top of that, I like how Miss Tomoka Y. Nguyen actively shared about being eco friendly and environmentally conscious about our little planet.
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Besides that, one can also find information on essential oils and perfumery. Yes, there are tips on the do and don’t too. Miss Tomoka Y. Nguyen has also been very kind to me to create a range for skincare to tackle my skincare concerns. Generally, I have sensitive and dehydrated skin with dull skin and pigmentation being one of my major concern. Hence, Miss Tomoka Y. Nguyen has made something gentle and soothing for me for my face wash. This face wash can also be replicated at the ease of our house.

Gentle Face Wash
200ml Liquid Castile Soap, unscented
90ml aloe vera juice
10ml coconut oil
2 drops of lavender essential oil

I adore the lavender essential oil that Miss Tomoka Y. Nguyen has sourced from Australia named ‘love’ and it was very easy to use the facial wash. All I need to do is to shake well before you and gently wash my face in small circles with it once it lathers. The homemade face wash cleanses very well and I like the lovely aroma of lavender as I wash my face. As a alternative, you can also use the scent that you prefer.

I am a huge fan of face mist as it keeps my face hydrated throughout the day. Hence, I welcome the idea of having a preservative-free face mist made of natural ingredients!

Hydrating Face Mist
300ml Aloe vera juice and rose water
10 drops Geranium and Rose Damask essential oil

While the Aloe vera juice has soothing and healing effect, the rose water has cooling and soothing effect which is great for acne or irritated skin.

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Exfoliation is a huge part of my skincare regime as I believe that with the renewal of skin, it will help our skincare to absorb better and leap the benefits more thoroughly. Miss Tomoka Y. Nguyen has made a face scrub that helps to nurture my skin and keeping it moisturised.

Face Scrub
50g Organic oatmeal
30g white clay
10g Organic Rice Bran Powder
10g Japanese Azuki Powder

Simply mix 2 tsp of water with 2 tsp of the powdered mixture and you will have a spreadable paste. Allow the mixture to thicken for a minute and apply it to the face and lip in circular motions. Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

Oatmeal is perfect as a scrub as it turns into a creamy paste when it is mixed with water while rice bran is rich in vitamin B and C with moisturising properties. Hence, you can expect to have a smooth and glowing skin after using this face scrub.

With years of experience working in the spa industry and making her very own skincare at home, Miss Tomoka Y. Nguyen also shared several recipes and variations of face oils, moisturisers, toners and even masks. Overall, Beauty Confident is a great book to start on for those who want to know more about how to create your own skincare at the ease of your house using basic ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. Oh yes, you can find Beauty Confident retailing on Amazon (for Kindle) as well as major bookstores. I thought this is extremely useful for those who have very sensitive skin and couldn’t use any skincare from off the retail rack. Afterall, everyone of us wants to age gracefully, isn’t it?


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