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As many have known, one of my beauty regime is having facial on a regular basis. Personally I find that facial is an essential as it helps in the renewal of the skin cells, increases blood circulation and even aids in detoxification. Last but not least it also help us to relax which is essential for Singaporean’s hectic lifestyle. Recently, BeauLAB SEA, the exclusive distributor for ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic in Singapore has launched their Oily SK range, both treatment and homecare line. I was very blessed to be invited for a media preview of a facial treatment using their Oily SK range.

Just some background about ATACHE SCIENTIFIC COSMETIC. It is founded in 1983 and is based in Alicante, Spain. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of Dermatology with a highly trained team of skin experts, ATACHE is the pioneer in the use of Retinol and Vitamin C in Europe. With ongoing research and stringent requirements, ATACHE Laboratories develop, produce and sell its products based on the integral functions which allow the highest possible compliance in regards to security and quality. Its main forte lies in the research and investigation of active ingredients originating from European and American medicinal plants. They do not experiment with animals, and strive to preserve the environment throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. The product lines are made for specific skin care needs.
I was blessed to have the trainer of BeauLAB to give me a detailed skin consultation and evaluation before we proceed on with the facial treatment using the products from ATACHE Oily SK range.
I have dehydrated skin with an oily T-Zone. One of my biggest worry while doing this facial was the facial might not be suitable for my skin type. However I was rest assured that the facial is customised according to my skin type. Unlike some misconception, ATACHE Oily SK range is not only suitable for oily skin but it is also suitable for other skin types.
ATACHE Oily SK range is a range of  products specially tailored to battle angry breakouts caused by stress, external factors such as erratic weather changes, hormonal changes or even using the wrong products. It is most suitable for acne and oily skin problems as the range of products combine active ingredients for effective deep cleansing and to balance localized sebaceous. The ingredients aid in healing, anti – inflammation, soothing and restoration of skin moisture. Some of the key ingredients are Seboclear, Evermat and Acido Salicilico. While Seboclear has queratolitic, anti oxidant and anti bacterial effect, Evermat promotes regulatory action sebum, reduces sebaceous hyper secretion, reduces pore size and brightness. Acido Salicilico help to normalizes keratinisation cell and has exfoliating effect.
After cleansing my face to remove any makeup, dirt and impurities using the ATACHE professional care, a gentle exfoliation was done with a facial scrub. ATACHE renewal therapy gel was then applied onto my face to soften the skin and prep it for extraction. After the extraction, toner was sprayed onto the face to soothen the redness with its antibacterial and anti- inflammation properties. With a mixture of gentle strokes and the usage of a handheld sonic machine, a customised ATACHE Oily SK ampoule was massaged onto my face before a purifying mask is applied to the face. There was a cooling sensation when the mask was applied which I suspected the presence of menthol which made me feel very fresh and relaxed after the mask was removed.
The beauty of ATACHE Oily SK facial is that there are different ampoules to cater for different skin types. Thus not only did it help to regulate sebaceous secretions and balance the epidermis skin layers, it kept the skin moisturized and fresh. Another key product of the range is the Oily SK Renewal Therapy. It is a powerful peeling agent with deep cleansing properties to remove impurities and unblock the pores. As the result, the skin is regenerated, purified and thoroughly cleansed. As we know, a glowing skin is the result of active regeneration of the skin and how well the products absorb and work within our skin.
Immediately after the facial using ATACHE Oily SK, my skin feel brighter and moisturized. For the days that followed, I realized that my T-zone was less oily despite of Asia’s humid weather and areas of my face that tend to be dehydrated still feel hydrated. To be frank, I am amazed by how the facial helps to mattify my face without compromising the moisture content, keeping my face hydrated.
Here is another picture of me 3 days after the facial. While breakouts can happen to anyone and at any point of one’s life. Taking care of them is important, especially with the right products. So do check out ATACHE Oily SK treatment which is available for $280 per session. There is also a range of homecare that starts from $36 onwards.

50 Bukit Batok Street 23 Midview Building #06-19 Singapore 659578
Tel: +65 6316 3168
Fax: +65 6515 0576

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