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Beast and Butterflies where good food and happy drinks meet

I love to take a stroll by the riverbank and enjoy the laid back vibes at Robertson Quay. Somehow this part of Singapore is so near to the heart of all actions yet away from the hustle and bustle. During one of my recent visit, I have finally managed to check out Beast and Butterflies which is located at Studio M.
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Located just beside the riverbank of Robertson Quay, Beast and Butterflies offers alfresco dining as well as indoor dining. Personally, I would prefer alfresco dining during the day but since I was there during dinner time, I chose to sit indoor. Once you walk in (from the river banks), you would be greeted by those beautiful chandeliers, TV screen tables with an open bar concept as well as an open kitchen where the curious one can watch how the food is being prepared and cooked.
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They said that the best things are usually free and I can totally vouched for that! Beast and Butterflies offers complimentary Chicken Rice Popcorn with drinks (beer $10~ $16; cocktails $19) and that FREE popcorn was mind-blowing! One can literally taste the flavours (gingery and savoury) of our popular local delight packed into these tiny fluffy puffs.
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Crispy Spinanch was totally addictive. So much so that my non-vegetable eating friends ordered 2 portions of these! Each of these spinach crisps was dusted with garlic powder to give it a beautiful garlicky aroma and the lightly coated batter which was deep fried gave it a nice crunch that any resistance is totally futile.
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If you are looking for a well-balanced cold starter to whet your appetite, Tomato Latte ($9) might be the answer you are looking for. Served as a shot with capsicum foam, bacon bits and basil oil pearls, the combination was piquant yet tangy.
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Marinated with yuzu and sesame oil, shiso leaves, fried shallots and minced ginger, Scallop Carpaccio ($26) was a delight for any seafood lover. This unique seasoning of the thinly sliced scallops was a good example of an Asian Fusion dish done right.
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Gosh, please live live order the Crispy Pork Knuckle ($26 Half; $36 Full). As a non-pork lover, I adored how crispy yet light the skin was and the meat was tender, soft and moist! Nam Jim sauce was the perfect pairing dip to elevate the enjoyment of this dish!
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One must live live order the Lobster Porridge ($38) if you are at Beast and Butterflies. The flavoursome broth was cooked for at least 8 hours with mud crab, chicken and pork bones. Topped with baby abalone, lobster, crispy conpoy, bonito flakes, deep fried shredded ginger and scallion, this is like the kind of comfort food that you yearn to have after a day of hard work or on a cold rainy day!
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Scallion Soy Barramundi ($26) was like a rendition of Cantonese classic steamed fish served in a claypot. Oh yes, the heat was retained yet the fish was not overcooked.
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With the lamb chop sous vide with szechuan spices to give it that extra punch before pan searing it, Szechuan Lamb Steak ($38) was tender and without any gaminess. Definitely a must try even if you are not a fan of lamb.
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Remember to leave some space for desserts! Chocoholic ($12) was chocolaty yet instagram worthy dessert. As the beautiful brown dome was melted away by the malibu chocolate sauce, it revealed banana and coconut ice cream which my chocolate loving dining partners were raving about.
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But my heart was stolen by the Yam Brulee ($12). It was literally like a warm chinese yam dessert (orh nee aka yam paste) with a crusty brown caramel top. The coconut ice cream was light and married well with the other elements which made it a very delightful dessert for any yam lover.
Beast & Butterflies
Although one might have heard of how asian fusion food gone wrong, Beast and Butterflies is definitely not one of those restaurants. The marriage of asian influences to many of the dishes were harmonious and delectable. The retro yet contemporary deco is also very inviting for one to chill the afternoon away or to let the hair down after a long day of stressful work. Beast and Butterflies is definitely a place that I would revisit again.

Beast and Butterflies
90 Robertson Quay Singapore 238259
Tel: +65 6657 0018
Email: fnb.mss@millenniumhotels.com
Operating Hours: Breakfast 07.00 am – 10.00 am
Lunch 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner 05.00pm – 10.30pm

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