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5 facts you might not know about Bata

Do you still remember where did you buy your first pair of shoes? My first pair of shoes that I bought was from Bata. I clearly remembered it was a pair of white school shoes. In fact, it was one of the place that I frequent the most during my school days for a pair of trusted shoes. However, as I grow up, Bata was clearly forgotten. Oppsss..

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Established for more than a hundred years!
Yes, Bata has been around for more than a hundred years, 122 years to be exact! The footwear company was established in 1894 and has presence in more than 70 countries. Wow!
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Bata sells more than school shoes!
With acting headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Bata is a footwear and fashion accessories manufacturer and retailer. I have spoken to the purchaser of Bata and understand that there are more than 24 production facilities that are constantly manufacturing chic and trendy styles to keep up with the latest shoes trend.
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More than just design.
With its slogan “We love shoes”, the concept behind Bata was to manufacture high quality yet affordable shoes for people of all ages. You can be sure that there are continuous efforts to launch comfortable, chic and fashionable design with every season.
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Cardless Loyalty Program
In conjunction with the launch of Bata’s Fall/ Winter 2016 Collection, Bata Singapore will be celebrating the first anniversary of Bata Club Singpore. This is an exclusive member only program that extends valuable privileges and rewards to its loyal customers. Members can earn reward points with their purchases where 1 SGD earns them 1 point. Sounds cool right? I am a super blur person and always forget to bring my membership card. Hence, I welcome this idea of card-less based loyal program as I don’t need to worry about not bringing my card! Yay!
BATA @ Compass One
Latest Bata outlet
There are currently 40 outlets islandwide in Singapore with the outlet at Compass One being the latest addition. So the next time you are looking for comfy and trendy footwear, don’t forget to drop by Bata to take a look.

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