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Bangkok Tree House 2D1N Part 1

Bangkok Tree House-12
Remember that beautiful tree house that I stayed in Bangkok earlier this year? I know this came a bit late but here I am to share more about it. This place is really amazing and I bet you will be shocked to know that it is located within 40 minutes travelling time from Bangkok city! It is like back to the nature. All you tree lovers will be pleased to know that Bangkok Tree House is eco-conscious too! In this post, I will share on how to get there, snippets of Bangkok Tree House and its surroundings while the next post will be on the food around Bangkok Tree House.

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Bangkok Tree House is only accessible by boat and follow by bike or foot. So no cars are spotted around it and it is surrounded with greenery. Before you start thinking, this is not a sponsored post. It was a surprise that J has prepared for our annual Bangkok trip! Although there is no hot shower or air conditioning except in the bedroom, trust me this is real worth the effort! Being a city girl, I was complaining to J as we tried to make our way there. But once I reached, I know the efforts are well worth it.
Bangkok Tree House-3
According to Bangkok Tree House’s website, there are actually several ways to get there. But trust me, the translation is not at its best. What we did was to take the BTS to Bang Na BTS Station and took a cab to Bang Nahmpueng Pier to catch a ferry/boat. But based on my experience, I think taking a ride with uber or grab car would save more hassle and time. Simply enter the address (565 Sanphawut 23 Alley, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260, Thailand) and you would arrive at the pier.
Bangkok Tree House
Next, you take a ferry (4 baht) from Bang Nahmpueng Pier to Bang Krachao Pier. Don’t worry about riding the ferry with the locals, Thais are known to be friendly and nice! Plus, it was quite an experience ferrying alongside locals with their motorcycles!
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Bangkok Tree House-81
I know Google maps work very well in a lot of places but this is one of the instances that google map brings you to “holland” (a singaporean army slang of saying that it brings you along the wrong direction). So trust me, once you reach the pier, turn left and walk straight for about 5 minutes.
Bangkok Tree House-86
Bangkok Tree House-87
After that, you will see the water gate, continue walking.
Bangkok Tree House-88
Bangkok Tree House-89
My suggestion is to travel light, maybe pack something for a day or two.
Bangkok Tree House-49
Bangkok Tree House-43
After walking for about 10 minutes, you will see this beautiful place!
Bangkok Tree House-39
It is usually crowded during the weekends as the locals would take a detour to the restaurant here while they visit Bang Namphueng Floating Market.
Bangkok Tree House-6
Bangkok Tree House-5
The check in counter is located at the restaurant. While refreshing welcome drinks made using natural ingredients were served, you would need to fill up your choice of complimentary breakfast for the next day.
Bangkok Tree House-36
Bangkok Tree House-38
Bangkok Tree House-22
We were then guided to our “nest” of the night. Gosh. This place is really like a garden and throughout the trip, I was surprised that there are no mozzies!
Bangkok Tree House-7
Bangkok Tree House-8
Bangkok Tree House-10
Bangkok Tree House-9
Bangkok Tree House-21
Our accommodation for the night consisted of 3 levels. Level one where the entrance is leads to the bathroom, toilet, vanity area and a small area for your luggage.
Bangkok Tree House-20
Bangkok Tree House-16
Bangkok Tree House-17
Bangkok Tree House-18
Bangkok Tree House-64
Once you go up the stairs (a little bit steep, so elderly or children gotta be careful ya) to the second level, you will find an air conditioned room (the only place in the entire area that is air conditioned and the staff was so sweet to switch on the air condition while we were checking in) with a comfortable bed! There is a nice balcony just outside the bedroom.
Bangkok Tree House-15
Bangkok Tree House-11
The stairs that leads up to the top deck is where a huge sunbed is, perfect for those who love suntanning. For us, it was a nice area where we had our heart to heart talk under the stars.
Bangkok Tree House-25
Bangkok Tree House-26
Bangkok Tree House-27
As we stepped out to explore the place, we found the “Honesty bar” within Bangkok Tree House. This is really a very cool concept! The guests can buy any items available from the bar and write their purchases in the book. Yes, based on pure trust, there is no cctv or any service staff to take down your purchase.
Bangkok Tree House-28
You can also get some free homemade basil ice here.
Bangkok Tree House-31
To be frank, when J and I made our way to Bangkok Tree House, I was complaining half the time on how inconvenient and inaccessible the place is etc etc. However, Bangkok Tree House has won this city girl over.
Bangkok Tree House-37
At night, there is a free firefly tour by a Thai speaking local. Although he doesn’t speak english, it was an awesome experience to ride a speedboat (mini version of a long tail boat) along Chao Phraya River. The warm and amiable service and the Honesty bar were something that you don’t get very often elsewhere. The bed was comfortable and we enjoyed the cold rain shower on level one and stargazing at night.
Bangkok Tree House-76
For couple who wants to get away from the city, this is a hidden gem with very little pollution! I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a romantic getaway.
But if you are the kind who are scared of insects, bumming into a monitor lizard (if you are lucky, I saw one swimming in the river) or will not survive without internet (though there is a desktop available for surfing, I will highly recommend that you go out and take in as much of the nature as possible), this might not be a place for you.
Bangkok Tree House-46
I feel that it is a nice place for internet detox (very slow wifi connection), get closer to nature and enjoy the fresh air and greenery. I like the fact that there are only 10 of these “nests” in Bangkok Tree House so it is rather private. Though it is slightly more expensive than a lot of the accommodation in the city, our accommodation (Tree Top Nest- from 4590 baht) offers us more quality time to be spent with each other rather than just the usual shopping and food hunting affair that we had for other Bangkok trips. Would I go back again? I guess I definitely would! Oh yes, one more thing, I think the best day to go is on friday so that you can check out the Bang Namphueng Floating Market. With free bike rental, wouldn’t it be good to explore the area? Greenery is good for our eyes yo! For every booking completed at the Bangkok Tree House, 1 kg of the trash is removed from the river. So yes, I did my part to keep the river a cleaner one. hahaha

For review of the food at Bangkok Tree House and its nearby, check out my next post.

The Bangkok Tree House
60 Moo 1, Petch Cha Hueng Road, Phra Pradaeng 10130, Thailand
Tel: +66 82 995 1150

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