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Bangkok Tree House 2D1N Part 2

After we checked into Bangkok Tree House, it was already in the late afternoon. Gosh, I can tell you, we were famished.

Bangkok Tree House-19

Thank goodness that the tam jiak (means gluttony in hokkien) me bought some cheese tarts from Bake earlier in the morning. So we had the tarts together with the complimentary coconut juice. As the kitchen closes at 6pm, we also ordered our dinner to be enjoyed in the room. There are 3 course standard set menu (290+ baht), 3 course premium set menu (450+ baht) and a la carte menu available.

Bangkok Tree House-55

To be frank, this was the least favourite among the rest. Grandma’s larb cake (250 baht) which was made of tofu and mushroom (suitable for vegan) tasted weird. Although I read online, it is one of the must order but I think it tasted similar to chao sng (tofu gone bad).

Bangkok Tree House-56

We like the clear Tom Yum Chicken Spicy Soup (150 baht) as it is spicy enough to satisfy J’s spicy craving.

Bangkok Tree House-54

Stir fried noodle with pork (120 baht) was one of the better bet. Cheap (as compared to the rest), generous serving and flavourful. In fact, after having this and the soup, we were very full and we left the rest very much untouched.

Bangkok Tree House-65


Bangkok Tree House-66


Bangkok Tree House-69


Bangkok Tree House-67


Bangkok Tree House-32

The next day was a sunday and we practically had the whole place to ourselves to choose any table we want to sit.

Bangkok Tree House-71


Bangkok Tree House-72

The breakfast was nothing to shout about except for the pork rice porridge which was both comforting and tasted homely.

Bangkok Tree House-13

It is also good to know that Bangkok Tree House uses wind and solar energy to powered 100% of the outdoor lights and restaurant lights. Eco- friendly, right?

Bangkok Tree House-75

After breakfast, we also went for a stroll around the area.

Bangkok Tree House-48


Bangkok Tree House-90


Bangkok Tree House-93


Bangkok Tree House-95

A stone throw away from Bangkok Tree House was Pobrak Na Bangnumphueng. We made a pit stop here and also compared the price on the menu. To be frank, it is not cheap as compared to Bangkok Tree House.

Bangkok Tree House-91

However J was having her caffeine withdrawal and we ordered a cup of specialty coffee to try. All that I can say is starbucks coffee is 10 times better. The coffee served was very diluted and tasted like those made from automated coffee machine. Maybe the food will fare better as I remembered seeing that it was packed as we rode past it while going for our firefly tour in the evening before.

Bangkok Tree House-97


Bangkok Tree House-98

It’s been one of my best Bangkok holiday doing something different. But all good things must come to an end. After our stroll, we packed and headed back to the city.

For review of my stay at Bangkok Tree House, check out the previous post.

The Bangkok Tree House
60 Moo 1, Petch Cha Hueng Road, Phra Pradaeng 10130, Thailand
Tel: +66 82 995 1150

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