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Review on my Airbnb located in Hong Kong Sheung Wan

Many of you have sent DM and enquired about the Airbnb that I was staying during my Hong Kong trip. Here is everything you need to know about the unit.

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First and foremost is the bed comfortable?
Yes, the bed is comfortable, neither too hard nor too soft and it is a proper bed unlike some of the airbnb that I have stayed before. Mind you, it is a KING size bed. Hence, I guess the hardest part for me to wake up in the morning was the seduction of the bed.
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I couldn’t say the same thing for the sofa bed that Jacq and Nikki was sharing. But then again, it is a sofa bed so expectation couldn’t be as high as a proper bed. isn’t it? Though the sofa bed is harder as compared to the proper bed, it is still comfortable and the owner also prepared fluffy comforter for the users of the sofa bed. =)
P.S: There is a aircon unit directly over the sofa bed. So this is great for people who love to sleep under cold temperature.
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There is also a small but well equipped kitchen in the unit where you can find some basic crockery, wine glasses, mini fridge, microwave, bread toaster, cooker hob and hood.
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There is even water flask for you to boil some hot water to make hot beverages!
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Although there is no bath tub, the bathroom was considered quite spacious and 2 persons can move around at the same time without feeling too cramped. There are also shampoo, conditioner and shower gel provided! What I really love is that the water pressure was really strong from the shower hose and the water temperature was warm and soothing! Definitely welcoming after exploring a long day exploring the city.
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What we really love about the unit is there is a balcony! A huge one to be exact! Not only are we overlooking some of the iconic Hong Kong’s high rise buildings, we can also people watch at the comfort of the airbnb!

Best of all, it is a great space to do OOTD (outfit of the day)! There is a safety latch so it is not as dangerous as it seems on the pictures. =)
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If you are into reading, there is also a couple of books lying around in the unit to nurture the bookworm in you.
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Location wise, it is conveniently located 3 minutes walk away from Sheung Wan MTR exit A2. There are plenty of eateries and bars around with Macdonalds, 7 Eleven and The Cupping Room (Sheung Wan) just a stone throw away.
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Communication with the host was smooth and the host even helped us make reservation for our dimsum dining in Disneyland. The wifi signal in the unit was strong and I love how there are a lot of nature lighting coming into the unit. If there is a long standing mirror in the unit, it would be a 100% perfect place for me to stay.
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If you are looking for an airbnb that is kept neat, clean and tidy with a location that is highly accessible to the rest of the city, this could be your answer. This is the link to My AirBnb in Hong Kong. Get $25 off your first airbnb experience here

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