$15 cocktails at Lounge @ Hotel Jen

It was quite an interesting weekend as I headed to Lounge@Jen for their newly launched Singaporean theme cocktails.

lounge @ Hotel Jen-8
1. Uncle Kaya: Rum, Kahlua, Expresso, Hainanese Honey Kaya, Tea, Coconut milk
Verdict: The drink was light, not too sweet. In fact the tea and coconut milk were both just strong enough to suppress the alcohol, so the balance was perfect. Perfect for ladies 4/5
2. Bojio Banana: Rum, Banana Liquer, Lime Juice, Fresh Banana
The alcohol content in this drink is moderate. I can easily taste the “almost ripe” banana taste and feel the fibre in the banana peel. This was really intriguing 4/5
All in all, I love the idea of mixing alcohol with dessert which made it more palatable. And paying an ode to the country’s cultural roots is all the more better!
lounge @ Hotel Jen-6
3. Stylo Milo: Vodka, Cointreau, Vanila ice cream
Verdict: The alcohol is strong in this cocktail. The foam of vanila ice cream on the surface was potently filled with a vodka shot. It was a bit of a shock on the first mouth but it gets smoother as I drink. I love the sweetness of the cream with the punch from the shot. Genius! 5/5
lounge @ Hotel Jen
4. Ice Kachang Margarita: Triple sec, Tequila, Pina Colada Mix
Verdict: This cocktail was a little complex.At first I felt the bitterness, resembling pomelo. Then it was accompanied by the sweetness of the syrup from Ice Kachang dessert. Like a swing, it moved right to left then left to right. 3/5
lounge @ Hotel Jen-7
Each cocktail is also priced at an affordable $15++.

Written by Kelvin Dao @kd.food, Engineer by Day, Photographer by Night. For pictorial opportunities please contact him at daokelvin@gmail.com

Lounge at Hotel Jen Gateway Orchard
277 Orchard Road #10-01 Singapore 238858
Tel: +65 6708 8888
Email: hjog@hoteljen.com

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