Huat huat with Tower of Fortune Crab Meat ‘Lo Hei’ from Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Counting down to Chinese New Year (CNY), what is your favourite part of CNY feasting? Mine is Yusheng! I enjoy the motion of lou hei for good luck and trying out different varieties of yusheng available in the market. This year, one of the yusheng that caught my eyes are the ones from Park Hotel Clarke Quay. Available from 20 Jan to 11 Feb, the Tower of Fortune Crab Meat ‘Lo Hei'(富贵八宝塔蟹肉捞生) is a master piece of art! Stay with me as I share with you why.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-2
Look closer, this beautiful tower comprises eight (8, a number which signified prosperity, huat ah! ) different layers. Besides the array of finely shredded vegetables such as carrot, crispy kailan leaves, white and green radishes, the bottom layer was laid with 3 types of sweet potatoes crisps!!! I am a sucker for those, so thinly sliced and so yummy!
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-3
Not only does it gives a crunchy textural contrast, visually it is such a pretty sight. Oh yes, not to forget the julienne slices of snow pear, crab meat, prawn rolls topped with salmon roe and quail eggs on the pomelo bits!
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-5
Quite a feast when it is tossed in that homemade plum and lime juice sauce. The Tower of Fortune Crab Meat ‘Lo Hei’ is available at $88++, or an additional of $30 nett with every set menu ordered.
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-6
Another not to be missed dish is the Braised Shark Fin Crab Meat & Hairy Gourd Soup with Homemade Lobster & Prawn Ball (金龙献瑞-浓汤小鲍翅配海鲜金龙珠)! Yes, I know, the shark lovers are shaking their head as I said that this is not to be missed. But this is really good ok!
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-7
The shark fins are braised together with the hairy gourd in the pork and chicken broth to give you that natural sweetness.
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-8
If you think this is only for visual effect, wait till you bite into that diong diong globe of crustaceans goodness!
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-9
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-12
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-14
Other notable prosperity dishes on the menu include the Steamed Red Garoupa in Lotus Leaf (年年有余-荷叶清蒸大红斑), Jumbo Salted Egg Yolk Prawn (财源滚滚-黄金咸蛋大虾) and Braised Sea Cucumber & Abalone with Spinach (金玉满堂 -鲍鱼海参焖菠菜).
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-10
As a coffee lover, the Coffee Pork Ribs (大展鸿图-咖啡香骨) stole my heart! I love the crispy exterior of the pork ribs and as you sink your teeth into the ribs, the aroma of coffee hits you just like a perk me up morning coffee!
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-16
Like all set menu, there is always a carb dish. For Park Hotel Clarke Quay, it is the Braised Seafood Rice in Superior Broth (五福海鲜泡饭), a hearty pot of teochew porridge like dish with FIVE types of seafood- mussels, scallops, prawns, squid, fish and dried conpoy. Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017-17
Ending the meal in a sweet note with Homemade Chilled Soya Beancurd with lotus Seeds (百子千孙-莲子自制香滑冻豆花). Those super smooth tau huay are quite a crowd pleaser. Think of rochor tau huay but smoother and with those anti-aging enzyme from the lotus seeds. Yum!
Park Hotel Clarke Quay CNY 2017
This is the first year that diners at Park Hotel Clarke Quay get to choose to enjoy a unique dining experience at the hotel’s brand new private dining room at level 1. With prices starting from $338++, there are something for everyone to feast this CNY! The festive menus are available at 3 time slots (12pm, 6pm and 8pm).

Success ‘步步高升‘ at $338++ for 4 to 5 persons,
Harmony ‘合家团圆’ at $518++ for 6 to 7 persons,
Fortune ‘财运亨通’ at $598++ for 7 to 8  persons &
Prosperity ‘龙马精神’ at $628++ for 9 to 10 persons

Advance reservations with a minimum booking for 4 persons are required.
All set menus are inclusive of unlimited servings of red date tea, soft drinks and a Prosperity Salmon Platter which can be replaced with the Tower of Fortune Crab  Meat ‘Lo Hei’ at an additional $30 nett. 

Park Hotel Clarke Quay
1 Unity Street Singapore 237983
Tel: +65 6593 8825/ 8859

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