Cafe Hopping: Old Hen Kitchen @ Owen Road.

Da gf is a huge fan of the Valrhona Dark Cocoa ($6.50) from Old Hen Cafe. So when the peeps from Old Hen Cafe opened the second outlet, Old Hen Kitchen, in Owen Road, she immediately told me that she wanted to go cafe hopping (super rare request coming from her!!!).

Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Old Hen Kitchen is located along Owen Road, on the opposite side of where House of Commons is.
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
With a similar scandinavian interior design as Old Hen Cafe, cafe hoppers can now expect a bigger and more spacious area with several new items on the menu!
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Some of the recommended items on the mains are Fish & Chips ($18), Salmon & Soba ($19) and Pork Belly Rice Bowl ($19).
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
As J was craving for some fried food, we decided to try the Fish & Chips and we topped up $4 for chilli crab fries.
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
While we like the light and thin batter, we would prefer the fish to be slightly more seasoned. However the reasonable portion made up for everything else.
For those who prefer your fries to be crispy, you might like to request for the chilli crab gravy to be served separately. We like how the gravy can be on the spicy side yet we can taste a distinct taste of the tomato.
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Nails: 3D Nails
With instagram floating with their new Cold Matcha Milk ($7) and Matcha latte ($6), how can a Matcha lover like me not order them, right?
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Made from the matcha powder imported from the Ippodo prefecture in Kyoto, I really enjoyed how fresh the matcha powder is. However, as a matcha lover, I feel that the proportion of the milk might be a tad too much and I would prefer it to be more “matcha-ish”. Nevertheless, just like the rest of the cold brew variants, it is easy-to-drink and is a great thirst quencher for any sweltering day.
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
Old Hen Cafe (Owen Road)
For coffee lovers, you can be sure that the peeps at Old Hen Kitchen are serious with their coffee. Besides using La Marzocco espresso machine to extract out the espresso base, the coffee beans sourced from Nylon Coffee Roasters and Heart Roasters are grinded through one of the best grinder from Mahlkonig, the PEAK Espresso Grinder. I have also spotted that a water filteration system is installed to ensure the water quality to be used for the coffee. With such devotion put into the making of the coffee, I am quite certain that the cuppa is definitely going to be good. Perhaps the next time, I should skip the cold brew and go for some filtered golden liquid instead!

Old Hen Kitchen
127 Owen Road Singapore 218931
Operating Hours: 12pm to 9pm (Weekdays)
10am to 6.30pm (Weekends)
Closed on Tue

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