Super Loco-licious @ Customs House

Looking for something zesty and flavorful that will tingle your taste buds? Well here’s a slice of Mexico served on a plate for you. The Super Loco Customs House serves up Mexican food with a twist, featuring premium ingredients such as lobster, wagyu and oysters for a more modern and fresh take on authentic Mexican flavors.
Super Loco-licious
The first dish served was the Langosta ($26+). This zesty dish is a must try! The lobster meat was delicately cooked to perfection with a sweet, mild but distinct flavor. The orange mayo infused with piquillo peppers added some kick, complementing the creamy avocado slices and spring onions. Its crispy tortilla rested on added crunchiness and fullness to the whole dish.
Super Loco-licious-5
The De Cangrejo ($14+) was my personal favorite of the night. The crispy soft shell crab, with a tender inside will taste immaculate the minute you sink your teeth into it. Its subtle taste of the creamy buttermilk and tangy spices absorbed by the meat was distinct enough to tingle my taste buds. Topped with barbequed pickled pineapple, radish and a drizzle of lime mayo, this dish is set to leave you craving for more.
Super Loco-licious-4
A salad is not a meal, it is a style. Well, I can assure you the Ensalada Granos ($8+/$15+) certainly has style. The wide range of ingredients including Quinoa, pearl barley, almonds, pomegranate and pico de gallo definitely add style to this magical mix of healthy goodness! To finish it off, toasted and chopped nuts, chia seeds and sunflower seeds are generously sprinkled on top. A salad made for a queen is what I would call it. What a hearty dish!
Super Loco-licious-3
If you are a meat-lover, the Tlayuda Cecina ($20+) is a must try! It’s mouth- watering wagyu beef marinated in salt, sugar and Mexican oregan never fails to disappoint. The addition of rich and creamy black bean hummus complemented the beef perfectly, tasting like a match made in heaven! The fresh milky cheese, salad, red onion and lime dressing added a very unique and tangy taste to it with a hint of crispiness from the tortilla base.
Super Loco-licious-6
Another dish served was the Pescado Asada Con Chili Rojo Y Perejil ($46+). This seabass is simply grilled but it definitely lives up to its expectations. Topped with green and red chilli, this dish gives off a fiery taste which will tantalise your senses. The red sala dip made from tomatoes, chillies, and paprika adds a flavourful punch to the dish. The green sala was just as good, made from white onions, mint, dill, coriander, lime, parsley and tomatillos. The dips complemented the grilled seabass perfectly, adding that extra kick to the dish!
Super Loco-licious-8
A normal person would definitely be full after all those dishes but the minute you smell the Mezbaba ($14+), you will definitely have to try it! The aroma of caramel and rum smelt divine. Served with chamomile ice cream and candied almonds, all the elements worked like a match made in heaven. With the natural pairing of pineapple and mezcal, the dish is completed with a pineapple glaze and extra mezcal to be poured over the desert. Definitely a sweet treat you won’t forget!
Super Loco-licious-7
The Tostadas Dulce De Chocolate ($15+) is to die for, especially if you are a chocolate lover. It’s combination of sweet and bitter is just right, allowing the best of both worlds! The richness of the dark chocolate ice cream sitting on the chocolate tortilla went perfectly with the coco nib candy and gratings of white chocolate. Though subtle, the taste of coconut in the chocolate avocado butter was recognizable.
Super Loco-licious-2
Last but not least, the Passion Fruit Smashito ($18+). This drink shaken with vodka, passion fruit, vanilla and agave, is surely refreshing and thirst quenching!
All in all, Super Loco Custom House is a great place to enjoy a scrumptious traditional Mexican meal in the alfresco area with a stunning view of the Marina Bay Sands. The restaurant has a raw, relaxed and trendy vibe. Its unique décor, lively atmosphere and amazing service is something you’ll definitely come back for!

The above article is written by Feliza, a marcom student at NP and you can find her on her instagram).

Super Loco (Custom House)
Customs House, 70 Collyer Quay #01-04 Singapore 049323
Tel: +65 6532 2090
Operating Hours: Mon Fri 12pm 12midnight,
Sat 5pm 12 midnight
Closed on Sundays and selected Public holidays

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