Mr Baguette – Cheap and Good Food For Less Than $2

As Singapore moves on to become a first world country, I realised that the living standard and expenses also increased. Oh my tian, can die, right? Everything so ex! I could hardly find any food below $3. So I was very happy when Kevin introduced me to Mr Baguette’s bowl pasta ($2) and lava filled baguette ($1.80). Yes, it is that cheap! But is it good?
Golden mile foodie feast-14
For those of you who frequent Golden Mile for thai food, good news is Mr Baguette is just located at Army Market (the hawker centre opposite Golden Mile Complex) basement one. The owner cum baker sells a good selection of both sweet and savoury filled baguettes. You can also find cookies, muffins, portugues egg tarts, pizza baguette and such.
Golden mile foodie feast-19
With all the sweet filling baguette selling at $1.80. It is rather hard to stop buying at one. I like the crispy golden brown shell of the baguette and the soft and fluffy innard. Golden mile foodie feast-26
Best of all, the fillings are generous. So much so that I find it a little too sweet for some of them. But I am not someone with sweettooth. For many of my friends, they find the sweetness just nice.
Golden mile foodie feast-23
Can’t tell you how much i adore the savoury baguettes here. Although the savoury ones are priced at $2, each of them is filled with a huge dollop of fillings!! One of my favourite is the Black Pepper which you can find the baguette filled with chicken, macaroni and black pepper sauce. So simple yet so good for only $2!
Golden mile foodie feast-15
There are more than 20 flavours to choose from. So the next time you pass by GoldenMile, don’t forget to get your hands on some of these! So now, who says you cannot find cheap and good food in Singapore? I think the items being offered at Mr Baguette are good for corporate tea and small gathering too. At least it is delicous and freshly baked everyday. So da yum, right? Do you have other hidden finds as well? Do not hesitate to share with me as good food are meant to be shared, right? ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Mr Baguette
505 Beach Road #B1-51 Golden Mile Food Centre Singapore 199584
Tel: +65 9184 1257 (Kent)
+65 9023 3854 (Irene)

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