Prawn Extravaganza at Makan@Jen

Makan @ JEN
Fans of crustaceans ALERT! 
Many might not know but it is prawn extravaganza at Makan@Jen. For a limited time till 1st December the buffet line will be offering four different variety of prawns sourced from around the world; from the more common Indian River Prawns and the Thai White Prawns to the lesser known Vietnamese Yabbies and Norwegian Scampi.
Makan @ JEN-10
Set like other international buffet format, a variety of hot and cold dishes were served via a plethora of cuisines ranging from Cantonese to Spanish to Vietnamese to Portuguese. And last but not least the local Singaporean flavour.
Makan @ JEN
With the crustaceans taking centre stage, I found myself having plates after plates of giant shrimps, not that I am complaining. The freshly grilled prawns, with the aroma so ever enticing tempted me so much I asked for a second helping. While doing that, I caught the assistant Chef making some Tom Yum Fried Rice which I helped myself with a portion. It was sublime pairing the lightly seasoned shrimps with the spicy and flavourful fried rice.
Makan @ JEN-12
Makan @ JEN-11
Taking a break from the prawns, I comforted myself with some homemade Caesar Salad Cold Crabs, and Top Shell & Salmon Sashimi. The Satay and Fried Grouper were also solid, but amongst all, I thought the black pepper jumbo prawns was so juicy and disproportionately huge I felt I was underpaying for my meal. I always end my buffet meal with a hot bowl of noodles or rice before proceeding to the sweets. Head Chef Lee Hoong Wan decided to spoil us patrons with his prawn noodles made with not one, but three different kind of prawns and topped with a piece of crispy fried fish chunk. The broth was simmered in a load of discarded prawn shells, and hence the soup was a gratification by itself.
Makan @ JEN
Makan @ JEN-13
Makan @ JEN-14
Apart from the hot dishes, one should never belittle the dessert station (which is more like 3 stations combined into one). Amongst the generous (bordering excessive) variety of desserts that was on offer, I count the local inspired Bandung Panna Cotta, Gula Melaka Cake and Coconut Cheese Tart as my favourites. As my dining partner made her way to the eight tubs of homemade ice cream (go for the coconut!) and the Warm Chocolate Fondue served in a hot Claypot, I knew this is just the prelude to a long saccharine night.
Makan @ JEN
Still, casting the sweet distraction aside, the SHRIMPS were the star of the night!
At $42+++ for all these? Including the excellent salads, Sashimis, hot dishes, desserts, drinks etc. Definitely a steal considering I paid $24.90 for just a bowl of Jumbo prawn mee at a local hawker centre.

The above article is written by co-editor @ramenking2016. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

The Ultimate Prawn Party Promotion
Level 10, Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road Singapore 238858
Period: Monday- Thursday (Till 1st December 2016)
Operating Hours: 6.30pm- 10pm
Price: $42++, including Makan@Jen Buffet, free flow coffee, tea, signature iced tea

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