Plentyfull – With great food comes restoration

Restoration can be brought to the souls simply with a plate of great food, or at least that is what they believe at Plentyfull. It is no wonder the restaurant puts so much care and thought into each dish that is brought out from the kitchen. In fact, everything that is served on their plates is made from scratch, and only from the freshest produce.

The hearty dishes at Plentyfull are inspired by seasonal, fresh and quality produce. Which explains the constant change of their menu to showcase the season’s best ingredients. And with all the finest ingredients at their disposal, the chefs at Plentyfull conjured up the dishes for the night.
The first dish we had was the House Flatbread ($10). They were baked to the perfect level of crispness, proving that a simple dish that is done right can certainly go far. The humble pieces of flatbread go in perfect harmony with the nori butter and the elderflower caramel & EVO oil. I personally loved the homemade nori butter, which I think deserves a special mention. Spread some of the sweet buttery goodness onto a warm piece of flatbread and enjoy the best of both worlds.
The Tofu Caprese ($14) is a beautiful blend of colours, from the bright orange and red plum tomatoes, to the shades of green from the shallot and pumpkin seeds. And of course, not forgetting the white silken tofu and the final dash of black sesame seeds. Just like the colourful harmony, the flavours of the dish were a beautiful medley. The cold tofu, topped with some pumpkin seeds and rice crisps, was refreshing with a light crunch at the end.
Fresh homemade pasta never fails to disappoint, and the Pumpkin Pillow Gnocchi ($24) was definitely my favourite dish of the night. The little dumplings of pillowy goodness were tender and flavourful, with a hint of crispness on the outside from the panfrying. Soaked in the rich brown butter and sage sauce, the gnocchi, fresh kale and shaved pecorino cheese complemented one another perfectly.
And what’s a more perfect way to end the night then with some sweet treats? The soft and moist Queen’s Cake ($9) is definitely fit for royalty. With a fruity blend of strawberry, lychee and hint of raspberry alcohol, the sponge cake, her majesty, is definitely one of a kind.
The Devil’s Cake is the dream of every chocolate lover. The flavours were perfect: not too dark, nor too sweet. Its richness was amplified by the luscious chocolate ganache decked in between each layer. The moist, rich chocolate cake would certainly leave you asking for more.
Besides their wonderful array of dishes and desserts, Plentyfull also puts great care into creating a restaurant setting that has a comforting ambience for their customers to enjoy their meals. The candlelight setting and potted greens definitely added a little more magic to the night.

The above article is written by our new writer Tian (instagram) who showcases culinary finds through her lens & journalistic instincts.

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-10pm , Sat & Sun 10:30-10:00
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 6493 2997

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