For people who are waiting to see me 

Life is full of surprises. We welcome some as they bring joy and happiness to our life. But we detest some as it shown how malicious human beings can be. With a recent string of unfortunate incidents, I am writing down my feelings towards them with a heavy heart.

While it looks like a bed of roses with invites to food tastings, preview and pre launches of products and services, social media is definitely not just what you see on social media. There are more to it. People work hard to take and edit the pictures, find time to write and share it on their instagram, blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest, flickr…etc

I have always been very oblivious to my surroundings and I try to be friendly to people that I meet along the way. The sad fact about life is I have a resting bitch face, a chao bin. So I try to smile as much as I can while maintaining control so as not to be taken as a crazy woman. But never have I thought of causing any form of distress and harm to anyone.

But it came to my notice that there are people going around badmouthing me and spreading rumours. Seriously, I do not know why and who did it. I wish that the person has the guts to come straight to me and confront me if I have ever offended this person . Going behind me and do all this little little things is of no honor.
To be frank, I was shocked and upset when I got to know of these. Whoever did this perhaps want me to have negative energy or feeling, you have achieved your goals. But I believe in Karma. Kindly sit back and enjoy it when karma comes back for you.

As for me, I just want to rest behind the angel’s wings and continue to do what I have been enjoying. Taking pictures, editing them and update my blog. I am also thankful that I now have a team of very good writers with me. This little blog that you have been following (if you are) is a collective effort of people with the passion to share. Thank you for reading! Hereby, I would also like to apologise for any delay in my blog posts. I am still trying hard to clear my backlogs. I would also like to dedicate this post to all the nice people that I have met along the way. You know who you are. You guys have been such a gem and I really treasure the friendships fostered. Let’s work hard together for our future!

8 thoughts on “For people who are waiting to see me 

  1. I feel you! I suspect some one out there is badmouthing or spreading rumours about me too (I think I know who too hahaha!), was soooo upset but then I let it go and transfer all my energy & attention to my family. I hope things get settled faster than you can imagine and every thing shun shun lah!


  2. Am just finding out about your blog now, and wow. Why do some people have SO. MUCH. TIME. And even if they did, why aren’t they focusing it on doing something constructive towards their own lives? I really don’t get it when people put in so much effort to try and bring others down, regardless of whether they know that person personally or not. While we cannot control the behaviours of others, we can always control how we act/react to them. And I hope you surround yourself with more loved ones/friends and positivity! 🙂
    Roxanne (


  3. Hi Hannah, Sorry to read about it, I can feel you. I’d been thru the same thing being back stab, gossips and calling me names like hypocrite, best academy award actress, etc….’she’ came in to my blog 10 to 24 times to spot check my comments and postings then form underground gang to mocked at me. Only jealous and wicked people will stood so low to do such thing.
    Oh well, people mouth we cannot close, the karma bus will wait for this kind of people.
    We should do better and continue blogging to make this type of malicious people more ‘heart sick’.

    Happy blogging. By the way, nice blog and beautiful pictures.


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