Have you Kiss The Tiramisu?

Originated from Hongdae in South Korea, Kiss The Tiramisu has finally arrived on the shores of Singapore!!! Woohoo.. Any soft serve lovers out there? So happy that I don’t need to travel overseas to try Kiss The Tiramisu, which is creating waves in Korea, Thailand and Hongkong.

Kiss the Tiramisu-11
To be frank, I have long heard about this trendy Korean dessert house who specialises in TIRAMISU!!! Tiramisu? Not soft serve? Yes, you heard me, right. According to Camillus, the master franchiser of Kiss The Tiramisu in Singapore, Kiss The Tiramisu is actually a shop specialises in Tiramisu and not limited to soft serve only. However, currently they are launching the first phase of their Tiramisu range which is soft serve. Hence, the misconception that Kiss The Tiramisu is a soft serve destination.
Kiss the Tiramisu-5
Unlike other soft serves, the ones at Kiss The Tiramisu are added with a generous scoop of mascarpone cheese. So remember to have your soft serve together with it to have that lovely rich buttery mouthfeel ah.
Kiss the Tiramisu-6
A final touch of some cocoa powder and grated milk chocolate is what makes the difference!
Kiss the Tiramisu-9
The soft serve was so smooth that for an instant, it reminded me of Aqua S’s soft serve in Australia! Kid you not ok, it was really good the day I tried it (btw this is not an advertorial). I really like it that it is not too milky and when that milk chocolate crunchy bites meets the soft serve~~ oohlala party in the mouth! Prior to trying out the soft serve here, I have came across several bad reviews but I am so glad that I tried it in the end. My experience was great! Just like what I always tell my friends, always give ourselves and other people a chance! Life sometimes reward you for that little risk you take.

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