Madam Leng’s mooncakes from Putien

The affable Madam Leng looks just like any regular waiting staff at Putien’s flagship on Kitchener Road. Except she is on the face of Putien’s Mooncakes. And we just have to find out why.
Putien Madam Leng Mooncakes (2 of 5)
Mr Fong Chi Chung, founder of Putien first tasted Madam Leng’s mooncakes four years ago in a twist of fate, fell in love with it, and decided to collaborate with Madam Leng to come up with an improvised product.
The result: Madam Leng Handmade Mooncakes in Thai Yam and Japanese Purple Sweet Potato with an additional option of salted egg yolk in each flavour.
Putien Madam Leng Mooncakes (4 of 5)
The Teochew style mooncakes are made from layers of dough rolled together in alternating fashion over a generous filling then deep-fried to produce a crispy, flaky and buttery sheen crust. However multi tiered the fragile facade looks, the mooncake is firm with a very desirable texture. And when you take a bite, the balance between the crispy crust and the moist fillings is three decimal place precise.
Putien Madam Leng Mooncakes (3 of 5)
I never like cloyingly sweet mooncakes out there in the market, so what I like most about Madam Leng’s mooncakes is that she has reduced the amount of sugar so significantly that you can simply appreciate the natural sweetness of the yam and purple sweet potato (which are already sweet in itself).
They are indeed some of the most delicious and healthy mooncakes around, and are the ideal gifts for our loved ones this mid autumn season. Pair with Oolong tea, and one would easily be brought over.
Putien Madam Leng Mooncakes (5 of 5)
Each batches of mooncake is baked freshly on the same day and they are available only till the 15th this month. At the same time, as they do not contain preservatives nor additives, Madam
Leng recommended the mooncakes to be best consumed within 3 days from purchase.
Samples of Madam Leng’s handmade mooncakes are available at all Putien’s outlets. Go try and if you are at Kitchener, don’t hesitate to say hi to her!

  1. Yam: $48 (Box of 4)
  2. Purple Sweet Potato: $52 (Box of 4)
  3. Yam with Single Yolk: $54 (Box of 4)
  4. Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk: $58 (Box of 4)
  5. Assorted Mix: $53 (Box of 4 – One of each flavour)
  6. Yam: $12 (Per piece) Purple Sweet Potato: $13 (Per piece)
  7. Yam w/ Single Yolk: $13.50 (Per piece)
  8. Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk: $14.50 (Per piece)

The above article is written by Guest Writer @ramenking2016. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

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