Kokuki Constellations at Stellar at 1-Altitude

the-stellarScoring a seat at Yosuke Suga’s Suga Labo is close to impossible since the by-invitation-only restaurant accepts a limited numbers of privileged diners each day. Since his days as chief protégé of Joel Robuchon and up till today acting as a consultant for the JR empire, Chef Yosuke Suga has been well known for his ingenious fine touches to his creations. We are really glad that Chef Suga put Singapore on the world culinary map when he flew in earlier this year to co create a special 4 Hands menu with Chef Christopher Millar of Stellar at 1-Altitude which is still available till mid September.
Stellar at 1-Altitude X Chef Suga Labo
The eight course menu, centering around fresh and premium produces is aptly themed “Kokumi”, the 6th sense after the more commonly known Umami.
We started with a few amuse bouches, followed by the entrées.
Stellar at 1-Altitude X Chef Suga Labo
Many of the plates were delightful, like the Hokkaido oyster custard, Kita Murasaki Uni, nasturtium, which had perfect execution. Every spoonful was smooth, embellished by the piquant Kokumi that follows. I could be mistaken but this ensemble is so synonymous with Joel Robuchon, who is so obsessed with precision.
Stellar at 1-Altitude X Chef Suga Labo
I was particular impressed with the Foie Gras, Japanese eggplant, “mochi” brioche. It was a humble looking item that would not look out of place from a canapé tray. The flavours however, were anything but restrained. Served warm at the “right” temperature, the melting goose liver simply dissolved in my mouth, and that texture of the accompanying mochi brioche was sheer par excellence!
Stellar at 1-Altitude X Chef Suga Labo
With an eclectic collection of rare wines, even a non drinker like me has to succumb to their wine pairing, which I would not hesitate to recommend. The eight glasses included two exclusive blends of Ginza Soumei, a Japanese owned winery with their wines made entirely in Spain in small batches. Only a handful of this is available in Singapore, and you probably have a higher chance of tasting them here in Stellar than in elsewhere. The pairing selection also includes a fair share of wines from both the old and new world.
Stellar at 1-Altitude X Chef Suga Labo
The main course of A5 rank Josper Grilled Wagyu rib eye with edamame, orange anticucho sauce, Japanese sweet potato, mushroom, pickled & caramelised shallot was no doubt the piece de resistance of the meal. It was a superbly well marbled cut, prepared with top notch condiments, and the restaurant even spare no detail, handling each of us a customised Stellar knife by Stradford Upon Avon based Studio William knife to slice the meat. The studio is perhaps the best cutlery knife company in Britain, if not the whole of Europe. Paired with the 2012 Chateau Mont-Perat Rouge from Bordeaux, it was the best arrangement one can ever ask for.
Stellar at 1-Altitude X Chef Suga Labo
I do not think there will ever be a dull moment when you have Ms Jasmine Chew, one of Singapore’s most creative sweets-women (I dare say) running the pastry kitchen. Dessert was a refreshing white peach lychee sorbet, compressed peach, Sauternes & berries served in a hand sculpted glass cup, atop a piece of wood which collects the melting dews. It was just smart, and a little too pretty to eat, not to mention the effort that went into making this. And certainly she blew our mind with the unexpected clash of flavours, with at least five kinds of fruit acidity rummaging through my tastebuds.

The limited time period Kokumi Menu (priced at $190+++/pax without wine pairing, an additional $115+++/pax for wine pairing) will end soon on 15th September and following that, a series of events will be held in conjunction to celebrate 2016’s edition of the F1 night race.

From 16-18 September during the race days (pre race), Stellar will be transformed into a Day to Night Farmers’ Market with over 25 Pop-Up vendors. For $68 nett per person, one could gain access to the Farmers Market at Stellar and Altimate, receive 1 complimentary house-pour drink and 1 specially concocted complimentary F1 Cocktail.A dinner package ( from 6pm onwards) is also available at $100 nett per person, which includes food and drink coupons ($100 nett value) and access to the 1-Altitude Rooftop party.
Come night fall on the 16th, the world’s most coveted female DJs, Katty Q and duo Kimkat will descent on the Circuit at Altimate and on the 17th, Dutch DJ Kenneth G who have previously collaborated with Steve Aoki will take over from the ladies. 1-Altitude and Altimate promises not just the best place to watch the F1 night race, but also probably the one with the best parties to match.

The Stellar @ 1-Altitude
1 Raffles Place (Former OUB Center) Singapore 048616
Tel: +65 6438 0410
Email info@1-altitude.com

The above article is written by Guest Writer @ramenking2016. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

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