Mad About Sucre ~ one of the finest dessert in town literally

mad about sucre
I have heard people raving about Mad About Sucre, which is located near exit H of Outram MRT, from time to time. But I have always had my reserve due to the price point. Is it really that good or is it just another social media hype?

mad about sucre
The first time I visited Mad About Sucre was on an afternoon that I had a very bad day. Hence, I thought that some dessert would be good to brighten up my day. As I stepped into Mad About Sucre, I was greeted with a warm welcome by Kelvin, one of the guys behind the cake counter. Somehow his positive vibes rubbed off me and I felt better but still I was very grouchy and hungry.
mad about sucre
As it was in a mid-afternoon (about 3ish), I did not want to have a very heavy meal. Hence, I took Kelvin’s recommendation of getting their Fresh Seafood Bouillabaisse with Garlic Aiolli. The dish came in a clear garlicky seafood broth with generous serving of seafood. To be frank, how often do you feel better after having a dish? This is that dish that immediately gave me a very warm comforted feeling after having it. If I said that I almost teared after having it, it is not an exaggeration. It was this good, one of the best seafood bouillabaisse that I have had since a very long while. However, as it was part of the Spring 2016 collection. It is no longer available as it has made way for new items on the menu. I know what are you thinking. So fast? I have the same thought too until I have a chat with Eric on my second visit. The reason why the menu was changed on a very regular basis is because Mad About Sucre insisted on using the finest ingredients that are in season to give their customers the best experience that they can offer. By the way, this is not a sponsored post, so this review is as honest as it can be ok.
mad about sucre
On my recent visit with Kevin and Rebecca, we had 3 cakes from the Summer 2016 collection. When each cake was served, there was an introduction on the inspiration of the creation of the cake right down to the ingredients used. Not to worry as the introduction did not take more than 5 minutes but it sure does make you appreciate each of them better.
mad about sucre
Cirque de Gavarnie ($12.80) is inspired by Gavarnie Valley, a famous deep valley in France. Hence the cake was made to have a calm and peaceful outlook using hawthorn red currant jelly, lychee mousse, toasted oats cream, almond crumbles and wild oats sabless.
mad about sucre
As most of the cakes at Mad About Sucre are made using reduced amount of sugar, the cakes are lighter and more suitable for Asian’s palate. In short, just nice la, not too sweet! As you cut open the cake, you can also see a very nice cross section of the different ingredients used. I like how refreshing the cake is while having that lovely aroma of the oats. As a whole, the texture is smooth and creamy with a little crunchiness from the almond crumbles.
mad about sucre
Next we had the Coco Citron ($11.80) which is a light coconut mouse with lemon curd topped with shattered crystal in a sablee shell. This is one of the cakes that I thought I would not like but surprisingly it became one of my favourite.
mad about sucre
The overall flavours of the cake reminded me of something very familiar and nostalgic like a good old childhood memory. On top of that, it is very balanced and the shattered crystal also added a magical touch to it just like Cinderella and her magical glass slipper.
mad about sucre
Le Gaillou ($12.80) is perhaps the most challenging creation from the Mad About Sucre team. Unlike other nuts, pecan nut has an unique earthy notes and poses some challenge to shape it up into a sphere. Hence, this beautiful dome is formed only after many sleepless nights of R&D.
mad about sucre
What you see in this gorgeous cross section consisted of Mandarin Orange jelly and Carribean Rum Cream enveloped with Pecan Nut Mousse. The Milk Chocolate Pecan Nut short bread not only served as a base for the spherical dessert, it also added a lovely crispy texture to it. Definitely a live live must try if you like pecan nut.
mad about sucre
For me, Mad About Sucre is not just any ordinary F&B outlet. I was once told that passion could bring you NOWHERE but Mad About Sucre proved to be a place that people live for passion and wonders are happening for this passion. From the service to the items that were served to the table, I could see this immaculate passion.
mad about sucre
mad about sucre
Mad About Sucre is definitely not a social media hype. It is a place where exceptional great service meets passionate people who are running after serving nothing but the best to their guests. Will I be back? You can bet your last dollars that I will and on a very regular basis. The menu is not huge but big enough for me to be back many many times. For those who are looking for a place for tea pairing with your cake, Mad about Sucre is the place. With their very own home blended tea, you can be sure to enjoy your girly session here in the mid afternoon. I cannot guarantee that the price point here is easy on your wallet but I am quite sure this is the place that will bring you surprises and leave you feeling happier. Well, at least I did! =P

Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334
Tel: +65 6221 3969
Operating Hours: Tues to Sat 12.30pm to 10pm
Sun 12.30pm to 5pm
Closed on Mon

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