New Weekend Brunch Menu @ BoCHINche (Martin Road)

Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
Weekend has become more precious to me ever since I started working. This is the time for me to catch up on my backlogs, spend more time with J and also Huhu. And yes, not forgetting to enjoy great food! Recently, I had an awesome brunch experience at boChinche and I really can’t wait to share with you my friends!
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
I am usually not a huge fan of watermelon but this is SOOOOO GOOD! Mozzarella cream, tomotoes and pumpkin seeds added some saltiness and texture to the watermelon salad ($14) and homemade watermelon granita. It is so light and refreshing that it just set the weekend right!
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
Sea bass ceviche ($16) was another of my favourite even though it is not very instagrammable. The curing done on the sea bass was on point! For people who do not enjoy the acidity in food as well as I do, not to worry, there is pickled onion and radish to sweeten up  the dish. Even J has a second serving after trying some (she is not a huge fan of anything “raw”).
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
Vegetarians are definitely not forgotten at boCHINche. The newly launched item, Roasted Pumpkin with braised kale, yogurt and house salad seeds ($16), would definitely put a smile to the healthy ones as well. This dish make me feel so “clean” without taking away the yummy factors. It is not the highlight of the tasting but I guess it is a good alternative for our vegan friends.
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
If  there is one dish that you must live live try, don’t miss the classic provoleta with almonds and oregano honey ($17)! In short, this is a classic Argentinian  grilled cheese so eat it while it is hot. I promise you that you will find that it is worth all your jogging and sessions in the gym. The flavours from the warm gooey cheese with oregano honey is simply superb! Simply love the touch of almonds which gives the grilled cheese some wonderful textural bite. While enjoying this dish, be careful of the pan, it is HOT!
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
Crab & Humita Coquette ($15) with spicy criolla sauce was one of the favourite around the table. The thin golden shells were stuffed with generous serving of crab. OMG, I overheard one of my fellow diner repeatedly saying “this is so good!”.
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
Faina & Fried Eggs with crushed avocado, coriander & aji molido creme graniche ($22) is one of the new brunch item available at boCHINche. Faina is actually a nutty pancake made using chickpea. I would not say I have great liking for faina but it is definitely a healthier choice as compare to the usual flour pancake. However the rest of the components on the plate are well executed and complemented with each other.  so yum yum.
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
When I saw black pudding on the menu for the Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg, Grilled Peppers Salad and our Sea Black Pudding ($26), my eyes were like beaming! I had a very delicious black metal sausage when I was in Sydney. Hence I was looking forward to this. Black metal sausage is basically a sausage made with pig’s blood but it  is illegal to have them made fresh in Singapore. So the chefs in boCHINche recreated this sausage with squid, squid ink, fish and lemon juice. Brilliant I must say. It actually made me feel as if I am back to Sydney!
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
boCHINche has also added 2 new sweet items for the revamped menu. I am not a huge fan of banana but the pancakes from the Dulce De Leche Pancakes ($19) won my heart with the fluffy and pillow like texture. A big yes for me to return to boCHINche for it!
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
Another item that has a great pull factor for me to be back is the HOMEMADE Bacon Ice Cream ($5 per scoop). Dishes with a combination of sweet and savory flavours always have a special place in my heart. But this is devilish! There are bits of crispy bacon in the ice cream. So with every spoonful of this is like a trip to heaven and back. I am not exaggerating, I really think it is that good! So remember to save some stomach space for it.
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
Bochinche's New Brunch Menu
If you fancy a drink or two, remember to check out BoCHINche’s Weekend Brunch Boozster. It runs on every Saturday from 11am to 1pm. For $25++, you’ll get free-flow of Argentine wines, Mojitos or signature Chimichurri Bloody Mary cocktails.
boCHINche singapore
With such an impressive revamped menu, I will not be surprised that boCHINche is always packed during the weekends. Hence, I would strongly advice table reservation to be made before you head down to avoid any disappointment.


22 Martin Road #02-01 Singapore 239058
Tel: +65 6235 4990
Operating Hours: Tues-Thurs 5.30pm to 12 midnight
Fri 5.30pm to 1am
Sat 11am to 4.30pm
5.30pm to 1am
Sun 11am to 4.30pm
5.30pm to 12 midnight

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