Valentine’s Day?


There is a lot of things in life that has no explanation nor logic. The miracle of how human beings interact and become closed to each other always never fail to amaze me. However, human relationship also never fail to puzzled me when one can just disappear from another person’s life after being together over a span of time.


Perhaps Valentine’s Day is a day that was founded by someone who wish to rekindle the fire in the relationship that has gone down south. On this day, no fancy dinner or expensive bouquet of flowers are needed. Most importantly be reminded of what made you fall in love with that very person you are with now.


Maybe priority has changed, love seems to be like the still water, there must be a reason that bind you together in the first place. Ditch that unhappiness and try to fall in love again. Do it everyday, not only on Valentine’s day. Every effort that you put in is never in vain. Perhaps results were not as optimum as how you wish it could be initially. Try taking away that EXPECTATION, close your eyes and think again. Are there really no improvement or is it that it didn’t meet the mark that you are expecting to see? More than often, it is your expectations that kill the relationship. 


Besides expectations, another killer of love is assumption. I am guilty of making my fair shares of this as well. As the saying goes “Assumption made an ass out of you and me”. I couldn’t have agreed more. How often do we assume that this is how things is going to be, how our partner is going to say/ do/ be and it caused a squabble.
If we can make a conscious effort of not having assumption and expectation, is love going to be sweeter? I always feel that it definetly will.


So let us all tear away the script that we have for our partner. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be on 14th Feb. It can be Valentine’s Day everyday! I hereby wish everyone a fantastic Valentine’s Day ahead and a lovey dovey year as we go forward! 😍

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