Beauty Review: Clear SK Eye Glow treatment at ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics Flagship @ Scotts Medical Centre

ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-31One of the signs of ageing can be spotted easily through our eyes with symptoms such as tiredness, fine lines and puffiness. Thus I am always more than happy to try out new eye treatments that can help to take a few years off my face. Few weeks ago, I tried the Eye Glow Treatment ($218 excluding GST) at ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics Flagship @ Scotts Medical Centre. The outlet is the latest addition to the Clear SK group, an one stop beauty centre with treatments done by doctors instead of beauticians or therapists. 

ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-17Besides being Singapore’s largest medi-aesthetic & medi-slimming concept with the largest selection of medical technologies designed by doctors, it also offers marquee programme including the DrShape 3D Bodyshape, DrEyes. ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-22ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-6ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-7ClearSK® centre at Scotts Medical Centre is modelled after luxurious hotels. Hence, explained the classy deco. There are four treatment rooms with different themes, a lavish VIP room and a power room where patrons can touch up and beautify themselves with Jane Iredale mineral makeup after the treatments.   ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-18 ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-19After getting a drink from the beverage station at the waiting area, I was asked to fill up my particulars before I was led to one of the treatment room.ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-21 ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-24ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-30The treatment room is about 150sqft and has a locker in the room whereby we can keep our belongings while we enjoy the treatment.ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-23Here is a picture of me before I changed into a satin robe.
ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-25After a milk cleanse to remove make up, I was led to a room where a picture of “Before” the treatment was taken.
ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-27 ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-28Next up, I had the radio frequency treatment done on one my face area with the focus mainly around the eyes area. The RF treatment uses unipolar and bipolar radio frequency modalities to heat subcutaneous dermal tissue with a hand piece emitting RFwaves. It has this cooling technology with round massager which would aid in tissue tightening, wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation. Hence, you will not feel the heat even though the temperature can be as high as 45 degree at a certain point.  ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-29After the radio frequency treatment, cleansing was done before LHE (Light & Heat Energy) treatment was done. For this treatment, we are asked to keep our eyes close at all time as it has a rubber band snapping sensation from the hand held equipment. The beauty of LHE treatment is it is suitable for all skin types and it uses lower frequencies. Hence minimizes the risk of harmful side effects. The most enjoyable part of the eye glow treatment follows after the LHE treatment whereby vitamin c is being massaged into the skin using light strokes and gentle pressure. After the relaxing massage was an aloe vera eye mask which helped to soothe the eyes area and reduce any redness.
ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-14This is me a few days after the Eye Glow Treatment. I can feel that my skin around the eyes area is firmer and my eyes are less tired looking as compared. Best of all, the whole session takes only about 45 to 60 mins. Which means I can always skip my lunch break to give my eyes a well deserved pampering session. How nice right? I was advised to do at least once a week or every fortnightly in order to see very obvious result for dark circles and puffiness. After seeing the result, I was indeed very tempted to sign a package to pamper my eyes. But with outstanding package elsewhere, I better finish them first before someone say I am a spendthrift again. ClearSKEyeGlowtreatment-8Thank you ClearSK for pampering my eyes. I will definitely be back soon after I finish my beauty package elsewhere.

ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics @ Scotts Medical Center
9 Scotts Road #07-06 Singapore 228210
Tel: +65 6100 6868

ClearSK® Outlets:
Scotts Medical Center
Novena Medical Center
Jurong East
Velocity @ Novena Square


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