Love Yourself more this Christmas with Pacific Plaza.

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Hi peeps,
How’s your christmas shopping coming along? Christmas is a season of giving and sharing, I bet many of you are busy or even stressed up over your christmas shopping. With so many Christmas gatherings and gift exchanges ahead, it is inevitable that we want to look great. Located just a stone throw away from Orchard MRT, Pacific Plaza is a paradise for beauty lovers. Besides having True Yoga and Bikram Original Hot Yoga housed under the same building, there is something for everyone from top to toe (Hair Spa, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Eyelash perming…etc you name it, you got it!).

pacificplazabeautytrait-20I was privileged to be invited to a beauty trail at Pacific Plaza where I got to try out some of the services. My first stop was Botanics Creation Hair Studio & Hair Spa to try out their hair spa service. pacificplazabeautytraitBotanics Creation Hair Studio & Hair Spa was founded by Ms Kitty Lai who has more than 18 years of experience in the hair industry. The Salon specialises in styling, scalp and hair care services. I was asked  to  fill up my particulars before Jennifer Chin,  the head consultant,  who has worked with thousands of customers with hair scalp issues, helped me to do a scalp analysis. With more than 12 years of experience in the hair scalp industry, she believes that beautiful hair begins from the scalp.
pacificplazabeautytrait-2I had done a scalp treatment or scalp analysis before and was left with a bad impression from the consultant from elsewhere. However, I felt comfortable with Jennifer as she did not deliberately take snapshots of problematic scalp areas, with the intent to exaggerate. Instead she randomly took the snapshot of my generic scalp area and explained to me about the problems I am facing. To be frank, I have washed my hair prior to this beauty trail, and was kinda shocked to see that I have a mild case of dandruff and sensitive scalp. However, Jennifer educated and advised me on how to take care of my scalp more efficiently. Thus, I felt that I was in good hands. pacificplazabeautytrait-3After the scalp consultation, I was brought to a private hair spa area designated to make me relax and ease my muscles.pacificplazabeautytrait-4I kid you not! There was aromatherapy diffuser that kept the spa area smelling nice and aiding in my relaxation. The area was dimly lit and I was given a bath robe to change into before the start of the Detoxing Clarifying Scalp Therapy treatment. Scalp lymphatic massage was used together with premium essential oils to eliminate toxins and promote circulatory system of my scalp. The essential hair products used are free of alcohol, sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). Hence, it is suitable even for the most delicate and sensitive scalp. BotanicsCreationPacificplazaBesides enjoying my scalp lymphatic massage, there was also shoulder massage in between the treatments. I also get to choose my preferred beverage (there was Nespresso, Twinings tea and orange juice.  =D ) and entertained myself with the ipad provided. pacificplazabeautytrait-8The whole session took about 1 and a half hours which included a scalp mask, I was led to the salon area where my hair was blown dry after the treatment.pacificplazabeautytrait-9Overall, this was a relaxing session and I secretly wished that the session could be longer. The massage was so good. Pardon my just-wake-up face. There were several instances where I fell asleep on the adjustable arm chair while enjoying the massage. A scalp scan was done after the treatment and my dandruff was gone!pacificplazabeautytrait-14 Currently Botanics Creation Hair Studio & Hair Spa is having a promotion, Best Scalp Detox | Clarifying Scalp Therapy is only S$58 for first trial (Usual Price is $238).

Botanics Creation Hair Studio & Hair Spa
9 Scotts Road #03-11/12 Pacific Plaza Singapore 228210
Tel: +65 6235 0362
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 11.00am to 8.00pm
Sat – Sun 10.30am to 7.00pm
Public holidays 10.30am to 7.00pm

pacificplazabeautytrait-16The next stop brought me to Chrysalis Spa which is just next to Botanics Creation Hair Studio & Hair Spa. Chrysalis Spa is established since 2001 and currently has 4 outlets located island-wide.pacificplazabeautytrait-22Chrysalis Spa @ Pacific Plaza is a cosy area with 4 treatment rooms.pacificplazabeautytrait-24There is a locker area which I can deposit my belongings while I enjoy my facial treatment. pacificplazabeautytrait-41Chrysalis Spa has recently launched a new Nano Liposomes Plant Stem Facial. pacificplazabeautytrait-36The highlight of this facial is the Nano Liposomes Plant Stem Cells Concentrate which took 5 years to produce only 5kg of it!  pacificplazabeautytrait-26After removing my makeup, the beautician helped me to do a scrub before she trimmed my eyebrow. A softener was then applied to my face before extraction of blackheads and impurities. Although there was no steaming, the extraction was rather painless. chrysalisspafacialThe Nano Liposomes Plant Stem Cells Concentrate was then mixed with a Deep Carrier Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate to form an emulsion which was massaged onto my face. The beautician did half of my face for comparison purpose, I am pleased to find that the side with the emulsion looked more supple, firm and I also noticed that it has a lifting effect. =) The Deep Carrier Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate helps to increase the penetration rate of the active ingredients such as AHA and natural oily substances that produce immediately noticeable anti-wrinkle activity. While the Nano Liposomes Plant Stem Cells Concentrate revitalises the stem cells in the epidermis. In turn, the skin recovers the volume lost with age. pacificplazabeautytrait-32A gauze was then placed onto my face with the Cryogenic Lifting Solution before the Polymerized Creamy Re-balancing Mask was applied to my face. The Cryogenic Lifting Solution reduces the external temperature of the epidermis and stops the redistribution of the plant stem cells which in turn will give us an anti-aging action and “lifting” effect.pacificplazabeautytrait-39The Polymerized Creamy Rebalancing Mask was a mixed of 2 masks – hydrolydric acid mask and apple stem cell mask. It was first mixed well together before it was applied onto the face. The Polymerised creamy rebalancing mask is rich in Ceramides and it helps to restore the skin’s protective function. With the active ingredients being able to penetrate better, the levels of emollients is being rebalanced and the epicutaneous mantle is being nourished. Hence, suitable for both dry and oily skins. pacificplazabeautytrait-25Overall, the facial was a comfortable and relaxing one. The production of my Epidermal stem cells was being boasted after the facial and my skin looks more supple and firm now.

Chrysalis Spa
9 Scotts Road #03-13 Pacific Plaza Singapore 228210
Tel: +65 6884 9636
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 11.00am to 9.00pm
Sat – Sun 10.00am to 7.00pm

Thank you Pacific Plaza for the media invite to try out both the Chrysalis Spa’s Nano Liposomes Plant Stem Facial and Botanics Creation Hair Studio & Hair Spa’s Detoxing Clarifying Scalp Therapy treatment. I am now so ready for Christmas!

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