Dignity Kitchen x Lunch Treat for the Elderly

_-34Does life comes to an end if we are unfortunately met with an unfortunate event?  Life certainly continues and in fact the people at Dignity Kitchen did it better than many! Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school for the disabled and disadvantaged. After several shifting, it is currently located at Serangoon. This curry puff was made from scratch by Chef Neo, the stall leader/mentor at the Dim Sum Stall of  Dignity Kitchen who has twice suffered from stroke and has lost the use of his right hand. On a day basis, he would continue his livelihood to make dim sum using his left hand. Not only does life continues, he went against all odds and live with dignity!Dignity KitchenBesides being a hawker training school, Dignity Kitchen is also a fully functional, regular food court that is open to the public. Despite their disabilities, the hawkers are able to prepare and dish out delicious local fares. For example, after suffering from a stroke which left the Rojak stall uncle paralysed on one side, he continue to prepare Rojak including peeling and cutting of the ingredients and mixing them up using one hand.Dignity kitchen coffeeThere is also the coffee stall uncle who communicates with customers using special sign language displayed near the stall to process orders or with an beverage card. I have also learn my first sign language here to help me order a cup of yuan yang (Coffee with milk tea). At Dignity Kitchen, The people here let me realise the true meaning of life where by being plagued with something unpleasant, doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. There are far more than just a standalone or a series of bad luck incidents that define our life. While some of us, the physically abled ones, are being demoralized by a certain set back in life, people here are working hard towards living their life with dignity and pride while maintaining a positive proposition. I wonder how many of us can be as mentally strong as them. _-46One of the initiative that Dignity Kitchen has been running is called the “Lunch Treat for the Elderly” whereby the elderly are treated to a city tour and, thereafter to a lunch held at the Dignity Kitchen food court. Thanks to TeleChoice International Limited for sponsoring the lunch treat for the elderly and the invitation for me to be a part of this meaningful event. If not for the invitation, I would not know that such a food court exist. _-29Not only the portions are generous and they are value-for-money as well. The items are priced at hawker centre prices and the place is air conditioned. So the next time when you are around the vicinity, do drop by to give these fantastic people some support! You will be surprised to find some of the items better than those that are serving at the regular hawker centre. I kid you not! Oh ya, the sponsor an elderly for a meal initiative is also opened to the public. Hop on to their website to find out more. =)

Dignity Kitchen
267 Serangoon Ave 3 #02-02 550267
Tel: +65 81897678
Email: enquiry@projectdignity.sg
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 8:00 am to 3:30 pm
Baked items, Beverages and Desserts available till 5:30pm except Sundays.

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