ChaoZhou Porridge (Teochew Porridge) @ River Valley

ChaozhouTeochewPorridge-3The long stretch of River Valley Road is one of my favourite haunts for suppers although I have long lamented the loss of many old Kopitiams and restaurants that once dotted the area. Some have remained there for long, like steakhouse Tavern and Bak Kut Teh Ya Hua while other new restaurants have replaced their predecessors such as newcomer ChaoZhou Porridge restaurant that took over a defunct Kopitiam selling the exact same Teochew fare.ChaozhouTeochewPorridgeWith a swanky layout and modern kitchenware, ChaoZhou is easiest the most chic Teochew porridge house in town. Diners can also enjoy their food in the comfort of an air-conditioned space. Some of their most tasty dishes we had include their signature Braised Delight Platter (Duck, Pork Belly, Large Intestines, Egg, Beancurd, Tau Pok) ($16.90), Soy Sauce Clams ($6.90) and ChaoZhou Steamed Mullet (Seasonal Price).ChaoZhouPorridge(TeochewPorridge)I was particularly drawn over by their comforting Steamed Meat Ball with Porridge Water ($5.50/ piece), the tangy Big Sotong with Homemade Sauce ($6.90) and the crispy Preserved Radish Omelette ($2.50/S $4.50/L). These were my three favourite dishes that I would strongly recommend.ChaozhouTeochewPorridge-21 ChaozhouTeochewPorridge-22To end it off on a sweet note, give their Crisp-fried Taro Rolls ($2.30/ piece) and Orh Nee a shot.ChaozhouTeochewPorridge-19If you are feeling picky in an unearthly hour, you can always drop by here since they do not pull down their shutters till the early hours of dawn.

ChaoZhou Porridge
221 River Valley Road, Singapore 238279
Tel: +65 6268 6763
Operating Hours: Daily from 11am to 2am

The above article is written by Guest Writerย @ramenking2015.



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