Carne & Caipirinha Brazilian Churrascaria at Clementi

carne&caipirinha-33I often hear people saying that the western part of Singapore is very 鸟不生蛋 (aka Ulu or boring). But I do not feel so. In fact, there are many places with great food awaiting people to discover such as Sunset Way in Clementi town. Recently, Carne & Caipirinha, Singapore’s one and only Brazilian churrascaria that uses charcoal fire for roasting meat was opened at Sunset way too.

Carne & CaipirinhaThe  74-seater alfresco dining restaurant offers unlimited servings of roasted food to patrons in the renowned Rodízio (rotation) style of service. Passadors (chefs-cum-meat servers), were dressed in traditional gaucho outfits, will tote skewers and carve dining portions of meat right onto diners’ plates! There is also a buffet line where you can enjoy an array of salads and pasta which are freshly made on a daily basis.  carne&caipirinha-18The pace of  the meal was also decided by the diners with a straightforward usage of a green and red two-sided disc. Simply flip to the green side if you would like to have more food served or stop for a while with the red side when you need some time to digest.carne&caipirinha-20There will also be servings of salsa and homemade cheese breads. If you like cheese and you like the bread, do not miss the cheese bread. It is really soft, fluffy and has a very aromatic cheese aroma. This is one of the items that nobody around the table could resist. Yes, it is that good!carne&caipirinha-23One of the items which my fellow dining partners enjoyed was the Pork Belly (Barriga de Porco). While the pork belly was moist and tender, the crackling was crispy.  Besides the pork belly, there are Pork Sausage (Linguiça), Pork Rib (Costelas Vinho d’alhos), Pork Ham (Presunto), Lamb Leg (Carneiro), Fish (Escolar), Chicken Thigh (Coxa de frango), Chicken Fillet wrapped in Bacon, Garlic Bread (Pão de Alho), Chicken Heart (Galinha de Coração) and Grilled Pineapple. I was rather surprised that I actually like the chicken heart served here. The chicken heart has a springy texture with an irresistible smoky fragrance.carne&caipirinha-31Beef lovers would delight at the selections of beef items here. All the chicken and beef are imported directly from Brazil. As opposed to their American and Australian counterparts, the Brazilian beef has a more robust taste.  Besides Beef Rump (Alcatra)and Beef Rib (Costela de Boi), do not forget to try Beef Rump Cap (Picanha)and the Beef Hump (Cupim). Both are superb cut and Beef Hump can only be found in the humped Brazilian cattle known as zebu. My personal favourite is the beef hump which has exceptional marbling. carne&caipirinha-38If you think that the roasted meat is the only highlight then you are wrong. The grilled pineapple has an awesome caramelized sweetness after going through the heat. The garlic bread was well enjoyed by people around the table as well, who can resist garlicky and buttery bread, right?
Carne & Caipirinha drinksThere are imported Brazilian beer such as Skol Pilsner ($14) and wines are available for those who prefer to have their meats with alcohol. If not, you can also try Guaraná  Antarctica ($6),  the  first  ever  soft  drink produced in Brazil. Brazil’s national cocktail, Caipirinha  ($12), which is made of Cachacas 51 Rum, fresh lime and sugar is also available at Carne & Caipirinha. carne&caipirinha-27Now that you know about Carne & Caipirinha, don’t forget to check it out. The western  part of Singapore is another foodie paradise awaiting to be discover. Carne price listCarne & Caipirinha Brazilian Churrascaria
106 Sunset Way Clementi Street 12 #01-50 Singapore 120106
Tel: +65 6464 0478
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 5.30pm to 11pm
Sun & Public Holidays 5pm to 11pm


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