Christmas Celebration with Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

CrownePlazaChangiAirport-10Exactly 38 days to my favorite time of the year as Christmas lighting is up along Orchard Road and people gather during this season of love. I always love gatherings, it is the time when we catch up with old friends and know more new friends while we wine and dine. Last week, I was invited to one of such cosy session at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport for a preview of their Yuletide Takeaways (available from 1st to 26th Dec 2015) and Festive Buffet (available from 1st to 30th Dec 2015) . 

CrownePlazaChangiAirportWe had some wine to start the dinner before we proceed through the night with delectable items that I must say wowed many of us throughout the night.

Fruit Salad (left), Compound Salad (right)

Fruit Salad (left), Compound Salad (right)

We had 2 kinds of salads as our starters before we proceed to the highlights of the night. While some of my dining partners prefer the fruit salad which consisted of artichoke, strawberry and apple, I am a bigger fan of the compound salad. It is made of pumpkin, chestnuts, raisins and garnished with edible flowers. Besides pumpkin having the symbolic meaning of harvest time, I thought the natural sweetness from the pumpkin was a great way to celebrate the fulfilling year that has passed. CrownePlazaChangiAirport-27These 2 items  would be available during the festive buffet together with an array of Asian and Western buffet items. As the buffet items are served in small portions, it would also allow more bonding time and intimate moments with your loved one. For those who like scallops, do remember to order this scallop item. The scallops were perfectly seared and the components gelled together very well to give you that explosion of umami in the mouth. CrownePlazaChangiAirport-29I am never a huge fan of roasted turkey as I find the meat more tough than I would like it to be. However the Roasted Turkey with Turmeric Coriander  Spices changed my whole perception of Turkey. The  turkey was marinated with  an  oriental  rub  consisting  of  turmeric and  a mix  of fragrant spices before it is slow cooked for 6 hours. The result was a huge, moist, juicy and flavourful turkey which I had 2 servings with the accompanying mildly sweet Spicy Coconut Cream Sauce. CrownePlazaChangiAirportRoastedTexasBBQBeefShort-RibSous vide for 24 hours before being roasted in the oven for that beautiful caramelised crust on the outside, the beef short rib falls straight off the bone. The meat is so tender that it literally melt in the mouth like how the ice melt upon heat. This is definitely one item that would wow the guests during Christmas party. No wonder, an advance booking is required if you are interested to get this for your gathering. CrownePlazaChangiAirport-38A Christmas party is never complete without a log cake but to be frank, I am not a huge fan of any elevated version of swiss rolls with generous serving of cream before I tried the ones here. This year, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport has 2 festive logcakes,  Ispahan-inspired Log Cake with Raspberries Yoghurt   Mousse  ($65+) and Manjari   Chocolate   & Hazelnut   Praline   Yule   Log   Cake   ($65+) which you can also order for your home party.CrownePlazaChangiAirport-46As you slice the Ispahan-inspired Log Cake, it revealed a beautiful innard of raspberry yoghurt mousse with lychee bits and rose flavoured jelly in the cake centre. The acidity from the raspberry yogurt mousse made this a refreshing dessert to have after all the meaty feasting while the milk chocolate hazelnut royaltine gives the logcake some textural bite. CrownePlazaChangiAirport-41For those having the Festive Buffet, there are really cute and dainty desserts to end your meal besides the items featured above. One of my favourite is the Ginger Creme Brulee which has a hint of gingery taste while maintaining a smooth texture. The Festive buffet is available at Azur and Santa will be roving on 24 and 25 December 2015 to give you a little blessing of joy. For my muslim friends, with effect of 12 January 2015, Azur Restaurant is serving a no pork no lard ala carte and buffet menu. So you can also join in the festive celebration here. =)

Azur @ Crowne Plaza® Changi Airport
Level 2 75 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819664
Tel: +65 6823 5354
Last order at 10pm

Festive Buffet Lunch (1–23, 27 -30 Dec 2015) Adult $45++ Child $22.50 ++
Festive Buffet Dinner(1–23, 26 -30 Dec 2015) Adult $55 ++ Child $27.50++
Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner (24 Dec 2015) Adult $70++ Child $35++
Christmas Day Brunch (25 Dec 2015) Adult $65 ++ Child $32.50 ++
Christmas Day Dinner (25 Dec 2015)Adult $75 ++ Child $37.50 ++
Boxing Day Brunch (26 Dec 2015)Adult $65++ Child $32.50 ++
New Year’s Eve Lunch (31 Dec 2015) Adult $45++ Child $22.50++
New Year’s Eve Dinner(31 Dec 2015) Adult $75 ++ Child $37.50 ++CrownePlazaChangiAirport-7For those playing host this Christmas, why not leave behind the festive cooking and enjoy the Yuletide takeaways from the Lobby Lounge? Besides the Roasted Texas BBQ Beef Short-Rib ($120+, 1kg) and Roasted Turkey with Turmeric Coriander Spices accompanied by Spicy Coconut Cream Sauce($135+, 5kg), there are House Special Roasted Turkey Marinated with Maple Glaze and Chestnut Stuffing served with Cranberry Sauce($135+, 5kg) and Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb with Rosemary Garlic & Caramelised Shallot Sauce ($160+, 2.6kg) which is available by placing an order at  Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Festive Desk from 24 Nov to 24 Dec 2015, 9am to 9pm. Alternatively you can call +65-6823-5367, fax your order to +65-6823-5301 (Mon –Fri, 9am to 5pm) or email Three  working  days  are  required  to  prepare  each  order and the last  collection  date  for  all  Yuletide Takeaways is on 26 December 2015.

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