Tempur Sleep Sanctuary-26Sleep has been one of the most essential component in my life. I am usually very grouchy if there is a lack of sleep. Thus having a good night rest is essential for me. I guess this is also how it is for many people out there. For the longest time, I have been a firm believer of Tempur products and I am so glad that Tempur has officially unveiled its new flagship store, TEMPUR SLEEP SANCTUARY, in Singapore, at 1 Nassim Road (Opposite Tanglin Shopping Centre)! Tempur Sleep SanctuaryThe 1,500 square feet flagship store houses the most extensive range of Tempur products in Singapore, including a Pillow Bar. Being the first of its kind to incorporate modern technology in Singapore, The Pillow Bar has tablets that are set up with a specific software that helps customers to identify the best pillow according to their sleeping pattern. With inspiration from its Danish heritage, the store exemplifies the contemporary Scandinavian style with clean lines in a neutral palette of earthy brown, elegant white and modern grey.  I am blessed to be invited to join Tempur on its official opening day.TempurSleepsanctuary-6As we stepped into Tempur Sleep Sanctuary, there was a lady playing soothing music with a harp at one side of the unit. TempurSleepsanctuary-7On the other side of the unit, there was a station where the guests get to relax over a 15 minutes neck and shoulder massage. Tempur Sleep Sanctuary-7Tempur Sleep Sanctuary-8TempurSleepsanctuary-8 In the centre of the room where the tablets are, it was transformed into a art and craft station where the guests get to hands on to make their very own glow in the dark bauble!Tempur sleep sanctuary opening As the guests arrived, the official opening started with famous Class95FM DJ, Yasminne Cheng, demonstrating the difference between Tempur and regular foam. While the iron ball bounced off the regular foam, the Tempur material absorbs the fall of the iron ball. This demonstrated how Tempur material can absorb the motion energy of our bodies just like the ball. A magic performance by illusionist , Alexander Yuen was up next to illustrate how it feels like to be weightless just as promised by Tempur. Tempur Sleep Sanctuary-22So how does it feel to sleep on a Tempur bed? It is literally weightless! I kid you not! I have personally tried the Zero- G bed system and it almost knocked me out within seconds. With the built-in relaxing passive massage and adjustable pre-set positions at the single touch of a button, this is like the most comfortable bed that I have ever tried. Even without the support of the pillow, the pre- set position provides comfort and support as though it is hugging my entire body. I was seriously tempted (Hinting J ;P).Tempur Sleep Sanctuary-12I have always been in love with the scent that I often smell when I go shopping at Ion. On this very day, I have finally meet the guys behind the Allsense who was at the event to help the guests to choose a scent for their own bedroom. Besides the regular scents that we are familiar with, there are funky scents as well. Haha. Finally I know the secret behind how Ion smells so good. =)
Tempur Sleep Sanctuary foodBesides having all the interesting activities that were lined up for us, there were champagnes, whiskey and tapas going around to serve the guests. Tempur Sleep Sanctuary-29The event ended with a lucky draw and a lucky guest who walked away with a new Tempur pillow. Lucky chap! One would know how a good pillow aid in a good night rest. Tempur Sleep Sanctuary-33I have thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the event and also scored a picture with Singapore’s top model, Sheila Sim. Omg, my fellow gemini is so so pretty! Thank you Tempur and Jansen from Word Of Mouth Communications for the event invitation! Hey guys, do check out Tempur Sleep Sanctuary if you are looking for a solution to have your good night rest.

Tempur Sleep Sanctuary
1 Nassim Road #01-03 Singapore 258458
Tel: +65 6262 0898
Operating Hours: 11am to 8pm (till 9pm on weekends)

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