My Little Spanish Place @ Boat Quay

mylittlespanishtapas2After my first wonderful experience at My little Spanish Tapas, I was elated to be invited back to My little Spanish Place at Boat Quay to try some of their signature dishes. Something unique about My little Spanish Place at Boat Quay is besides bringing authentic Spanish food to the river bank, there are 5 Jamon Iberico legs that are cured between 18 months to 5 years. Although the slicing of these beautiful dark red meat marbled with veins of fats is a delicate job that required a lot of skills, thanks to Chef Edward we have our chance to have a hand at it.  It was rather fun but I guess it is best to leave such skilled task to the expert.
mylittlespanishtapassangriaAs the Jamon Iberico leg aged, the complexity of the ham flavour increased. A blend of saltiness and sweetness as the fats started to melt away in the mouth without leaving any gamy aftertaste. This is best to be paired with some sangria or wine. To a spanish, no meal is complete without a sangria or a glass of wine. Thus a wide selection of wine is available here. We like how refreshing the specially concocted sangria were! Give me more please! =Pmylittlespanishplaceboatquay-58The traditional pastoral dish, Migas ($8 per serving) was done with a twist here. Instead of using overnight breadcrumbs,  homemade croutons was in place to give the dish more textural bite. Spotted with it  was chorizo, tomatoes, red pepper, and crispy Serrano ham topped with a soft boiled egg.  Mixed well and viola, you will get a well balanced and flavourful starter.
mylittlespanishtapasWith food cost and labour cost getting higher, there are many restaurants that opt for ready made ingredients instead of making things from scratch. It is good to know that the buitfarra sausages for Tabla de Salchicas Artesanales ($21) is homemade on a weekly basis! I like the lovely aroma from the assorted herbs. Such a pity that due to Singapore’s regulation, the blood sausages have to be imported instead of making in-house. If not, I am sure that MLSP would make awesome blood sausage too (the current version of the blood sausage is good but I think the homemade  buitfarra sausage is better). Not to miss the  Sobrasada which is served in the ‘tarrina’ (terrine) version. Spread over toasted bread, it is very well received by everyone around the table.mylittlespanishplaceboatquay-103Gambas al Ajillo ($16) aka Garlic Prawns was another highlight of the night. My photography skills definitely did no justice to this dish. The prawns were perfectly cooked in a dish of boiling olive oil with garlic and chili pepper and served with slices of bread at the sides. Simplicity at its best. mylittlespanishplaceboatquay-102When Tortilla de Patata con Alioli (4 pcs -$8) is served, I could smell whiff of the eggy aroma and I have started to salivate. I like the soft and fluffy innards of the egg potato omelette. It is like the kind of comfort food that any egg lover would crave for.
mylittlespanishplaceboatquay-106Another dish that was well loved by the peeps around the table was this Secreto Iberico ($28). The butcher’s cut (between the shoulder blade and loin) of Iberico pork, which is first sliced and seared, then smoked à la minute with applewood and presented with a glass cloche at the table. Marinated with thyme and garlic, the hearty slices of Iberico pork are served with grilled piquillo pepper and Patata Fritas.
mylittlespanishplaceboatquay-80I always have a soft spot for anything crispy and savoury. The rendition of these flatbread has left me craving for more. Coca de Pimientos Anchoas  ($16) which is a flatbread toast served with caramelized onions, roasted peppers, anchovies, and Manchego cheese. The ingredients are cohensive and complemented each other. The addition of wild rockets and drizzle of homemade balsamic vinegar reduction gave the dish a lovely sweet and nutty finish.
mylittlespanishplaceboatquay-99The other dish that is not to be missed is Pulpo de la Casa ($36 per 100gm). The specially imported octopus from Atlantic Ocean was first beaten hard to tenderise it. It was then cooked in an aromatic water made of garlic, smoked paprika and bay leaves. Lastly it was grilled and seasoned with pimenton, sea salt and olive oil. This resulted in a beautiful plate of soft and tender octopus legs with natural sweetness that was wiped clean in no time!
mylittlespanishplaceboatquay-108I have often heard that it is not easy to find a well executed Paella. Fideuà Verde ($38 for small, $66 for large)  was MLSP take on paella using short noodles instead of Bomba rice. The short noodle was cooked in a broth made of fish bone and shells with a special spinach based herb blend before tossing them into the oven to have that beautiful noodle standing crust. By this time, we were all very full to the beam yet this is a dish that we can’t help to go for another serving. The dish was simply packed with umami and the generous serving of seafood made it simply worth all the calories intake!
mylittlespanishplaceboatquay-116Like I always said what is life without dessert? MLSP certainly serves dessert that is worth us keeping a “separated stomach”. We ended the night with Leche Merengada con PX ($12), a meringue milk ice-cream with Pedro Ximenez dessert wine. mylittlespanishplacechurroOn a separate occasion, I have went back for the Churro con chocolate ($14) which stole my heart! The deep fried crenellated choux pastry were homemade and sprinkled generously with coarse sugar. The crispy exterior with  fluffy soft interior feel nothing like a pre-made and fried upon order churro. The whole churro experience was elavated by the the citrusy vanilla ice cream made in house. For churros lovers, do check out the list of 10 best churros available in Singapore. 
mylittlespanishtapas1Nested in Boat Quay which is quite infamous for being a tourist trap for expensive and sub-standard food, My Little Spanish Place stands up as one that serves quality food with a great variety of wine. Do check up them out if you are in for some spanish cuisine.

My Little Spanish Place @ Boat Quay
54B Boat Quay Singapore 049843
Tel: +65 6532 0665
Operating Hours: Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm (Mon to Sat,including PH)
Dinner: 5pm to 12am (Mon to Sat,including PH)

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