Beauty Review: Gudetama Gelish Nails @ 3D Nails

3DnailsAfter my previous gelish manicure session at 3D Nails, I have returned to do a free soak off after 4 weeks. To be exact, the nailarts were still intact but being a gemini, I got bored with looking at it for a month. I wanted something new. Guess what I got this time?3DGudetamaMany people have the impression that doing gelish manicure is not good for the nails. But I think this greatly depends on the products used and the manicurist’s skills, knowledge and expertise. For example, the gelish nail remover should be allowed to soak long enough in order to fully break the bond between the natural nail and the gelish nail polish. Failure to do so and when the manicurist started to remove the gel by peeling the gelish nail polish, might remove part of the natural nail plate off together with the gel. Hence, nail plate became more brittle and thin. In some cases, you might find little white spots on the nails.3D gelish nail removerAlthough acetone aka the gelish nail remover does remove oils from the nail, it is not the main culprit of damaged nails. It is the way the gelish nail polish is removed. Thus it is important to see that the manicurist allows adequate time to soak the nails before gently removing the gelish nail polish. We do not want the keratin layer in the nail to endure trauma which resulted in ugly dry nails, right? I am glad that I have found one such manicurist who was as meticulous as I would like her to be without me telling her what to do. I guess it is very important for me as I do not like my nails to go naked yet I am also worried that my nails would become dry and brittle from the frequent gelish nail polish application.3DGudetama-18 Recently, I got to know about Gudetama, a egg-turned-mascot character from Sanrio. Gudetama literally means lazy egg and it has been a hit with many when it was first introduced in 2013. I have watched its video on you-tube. Though it is kinda lame, it is so so cute. Hence, I requested Janet to help me to do a set of Gudetama nails. I want to see it everyday cos I thought this character is like my happy pills. lol3DGudetama-25After nearly 3 hours of hard work which Janet painstakingly drew each character onto my fingers, I have 11 GUDETAMAs on my nails! I was very happy with the results and have received a lot of feedbacks on how kawaii (cute) my nails are. 3DGudetama-33The whole set is only $88 inclusive of classic gelish manicure for any first timer at 3D nails.  Do quote my name ” Hannah” to enjoy 10% off all nails services. Cheers to pretty nails!!!

3D Nails
132 Jurong Gateway Road #01-277 Singapore 600132
Tel: +65 6563 0538
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 11am to 9pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 11am to 8pm

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