Food Review: Snack Culture’s Around The World in 9 Small Plates Omakase Degustation Menu

In the recent years, the areas near Lavander MRT seem to have gone through a face-lift with more mixed commercial buildings erected and with them more F&B outlets. I am very blessed to join Dr Leslie Tay, Ian, Sihan, Shirley, Nicole, Jimmy and Desmond for a tasting at The Snack Culture Company, located in CT Hub level 2.

Snack Culture

The Snack Culture Company is actually a bakery, cafe and food gift store by day and small plates restaurant by night.

CT hub
CT hub
The Snack Culture Company adopted simple minimalist deco focusing on using white as their theme. I have came back on a separate occasion and the placement for some of the furniture seem different. It is like a mini “transformer” F&B outlet. 😉
Japanese Edamame with Thai Tom Yum Espuma
Japanese Edamame with Thai Tom Yum Espuma
Dining in The Snack Culture Company is a totally different experience as compared to any that I have been before. Doc, the founder of The Snack Culture Company would go around the restaurant engaging in conversations with the customers and a short introduction was given before any dish was served. We had Japanese Edamame with Thai Tom Yum Espuma to kickstart the Around The World in 9 Small Plates Omakase Degustation Menu. I was surprised by how the flavour of an authentic Tom Yum soup can be found in the espuma and how well it goes with the Japanese Edamame. Served in a small bowl, it left me craving for more!
Chilled Korean Mandu in Singapore Bak Kut Teh Consomme
Chilled Korean Mandu in Singapore Bak Kut Teh Consomme

The dish was introduced as something familiar and chilled. I was quite taken aback when I saw my BKT served chilled. But well, again I was surprised by how delicious a chilled BKT can taste with the Korean Mandu (pork dumpling). Unlike the usual BKT, the dish is lighter and again it left me craving for more.

Chilled Black Fungus & Mushroom Salad in Nonya Belachan Mayo Dressing
Chilled Black Fungus & Mushroom Salad in Nonya Belachan Mayo Dressing

For salad, we had something mildly spicy and inspired by Nonya Chap Chye. Besides black fungus and mushroom, I love the addition of sweet Tau Kee (Beancurb skin) to the dish. It gives the dish a textural contrast, its crunchiness made it very addictive.

Ter Kar Chor Scotch
Ter Kar Chor Scotch

Ter Kar Chor (vinegared pork knuckle) is traditional a Chinese post-natal “confinement” dish. Inspired by it, Ter Kar Chor Scotch is concocted. Unlike the usual Ter Kar Chor where everything is black black and dark dark, a lava scotch egg was placed on a nest of golden crispy shredded ginger and served with homemade Ter Kar Chor sauce instead. Prettier and best eaten with a bit of everything. 🙂

CT Hub
Asian Trio

Good things come in 3 as the fifth dish was served. Putting some of the best seller from the lunch menu and from the food gift section together, the idea is pleasing for people like me who love to have a bit of everything on a buffet line. Besides Korean meeting Vietnamese (Beef Bulgogi in Vietnamese Paper Roll), we have Peranakan meeting Chinese (Ayam Buah Keluak Wanton) and Western meeting Singaporean (Laksa Crostini – Laksa Prawn on Haebe Hiam Cookie). Among the three, the Laksa Crostini won my heart. It is not difficult to understand why the Haebe Hiam Cookies are one of the popular food gift in Snack Culture.

'Pen Cai' Parcel
‘Pen Cai’ Parcel

I couldn’t help but to reminisce the good old fond memory of Chinese New Year when I was a little young girl as I dig into the dish. With ingredients such as mini abalone, dried scallop and shitake mushroom wrapped in vegetable parcel and served in a homemade secret recipe soup, I can’t help but experiencing a warm fuzzy feeling at heart. It is definitely a dish that I will crave for during rainy days.

Kaffir Tomato Capellini Pasta + Cantonese ‘Har Jeong’ Soft Shell Crab

An interesting take on the soft shell crab. I have tried Har Jeong Gai (Shrimp paste chicken) but this is my first time trying Har Jeong soft shell crab.

Seafood En Papillote
Seafood En Papillote

It is quite common in Singapore that we have Cajun garlic prawns and clams in Louisiana style which is to cook the seafood by boiling it. However, Snack Culture did it differently by using the En Papillote method which is baking the seafood in an envelope of parchment paper. The end result is a more flavourful and aromatic seafood galore.

Chendol Panna Cotta
Chendol Panna Cotta

We ended the night with another successful marriage between the east and the west. I love how smooth and light the panna cotta is and the gula melaka simply made it even more delightful.

It has been a while since I have such a good dinner with dishes that intrigued me and left me craving for more. Although the portion of each dish is not big but I left the place feeling full, happy and satisfied. I understand for Purists that fusion is never their thing. However, I would suggest to keep an open mind while having your meal here. Let your palate do all the work instead of using your mind to think which cuisine does the dish belong to. I had an enjoyable night with all 9 dishes served at only $49++. I think it is super value for money. Do give it a try if you are in the mood to have some affordable good fusion food.
P.S: Reservation is required and The Omakase Degustation Menu is only available on Thur, Fri and Sat evening. However, Snack Culture is also open for lunch with interesting dishes available.
The Snack Culture Company 
#02-17 CT HUB 2 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339407
Tel: (+65) 6443 2006
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Sat 9am to 7pm
                 Thurs ~ Sat 7pm to 10pm (By Reservation only)
                 Closed on Sun
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