Hannah’s Food Trail @ Burlington Square (Geisha Specialty x Yogart)

Located at the back of Burlington Square, Geisha Specialty Coffee is like a hidden find if you come from the bugis side. I have long heard about this cafe as they have been around for a couple of years.

Once you enter the cafe, it is a small cosy space with about 10 seating. Besides selling espresso based coffee and filter coffee, they are also selling green beans, roasted beans and coffee brewing equipment from SAB, Tiamo and YAMI.
I ordered Guatemala Cardomomo done over V60 (Filter coffee) as it is the only coffee bean available on the retail rack as well. The barista was kind to let me see how the brewing was done as well as explaining the process to me.
The coffee served was lemony and medium bodied. Overall it is a good experience and I like how quiet and cosy the place is. However I think with a little bit of cleaning up and tidying the place, the cafe would be a even more comfortable place to enjoy a cuppa. I guess I will be back again to check out the other beans they have. 😉



Geisha Specialty Coffee
175 Bencoolen Street
Burlington Square #01-55
Singapore 189649
Email: service@geishaspecialty.com.sg
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Fri 10am to 7pm
                 Sat ~ Sun 1pm to 7pm
Located just beside Geisha Specialty Coffee is Yogart which was newly opened last Friday, 20 March 2015.

Apart from serving froyo, this new kid on the block is also serving artisanal popsicles and waffles.

I ordered a small froyo with single topping ($4.20) and I am quite surprised by the generous serving of topping.
Aesthetically the froyo scores even with the single topping serving. I find the Froyo is slightly more on the sourish side but the generous serving of topping complements it and is a great purchase for combating the recent sweltering weather. I heard that there is a discount for the Lasalle students. Do give it a try and share with me how you feel about it.
175 Bencoolen Street
Burlington Square #01-56
Singapore 189649
Email: info@binchicreamery.com
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Fri 12pm to 7pm
                 Sat ~ Sun 12pm to 6pm
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