Cafe hopping: Yellow Cup Coffee @ Havelock Road

Yellow Cup coffee caught my eyes with its striking yellow cups while I was browsing photos on instagram. I have since made a mental note to visit it. During one of the food tasting, I happened to be nearby and I decided to pop by to check out the place.

Order is made at the counter. Beside coffee, there are also other beverages and food serve here.



Just as the cafe’s name implies, yellow is the colour theme of the cafe. I like the coffee quotes that could be found around the cafe and some cute little deco on the table.
As I was going for a food tasting, I ordered only my regular latte. To be frank, I do not like the coffee here as it has a bitter burnt aftertaste and the mixing of the coffee and the milk was not done properly. On top of that, my coffee was served at least 15 minutes after I have ordered the coffee although there aren’t much customers who order before me.
Overall, I did not enjoy my experience at Yellow Cup Coffee. Besides the lack of service, I was served with a burnt coffee after a long wait. Perhaps I went there on the barista’s bad day and maybe other branch would perform better than this outlet.
Yellow Cup Coffee
20 Havelock Road #01-09
Singapore 059765
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